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  1. Thanks for the reply I'm using the latest drivers from Nvidia 43.45, but I will try another driver. Thanks again
  2. Reinstalled and everthing is fine now except screen res. See new post
  3. Hi all I'm new to strike fighter and would like to know why I can only run at 800x600 display resolution, if I go any higher my screen goes black. I also fly IL2 and IL2FB with no problem at 1152x864 so what the problem with Strike Fighter or is this something to be fixed in the next update? What Ive seen I'm impressed with, not always to keen on jet sims but this looks good, even better if I could run at 1153x864. Can anyone help me. Vid card is Nvidia GForce4ti4600 WXP XP1800+ DX9a Audigy sound card Abit KR7A MB
  4. Hi all I'm new to stike fighter (UK user) and i'm having trouble getting the game to start. It has installed fine but when I try to run the game my screen goes black and seems to be in standby mode all I can hear is the music. All other games run fine IL2. IL2FB, CFS2 and Falcon4. Anyone else had a problem like this, if so how do I fix it. my system is well over what is recommended Abit KR7A MB XP1800+ Windows XP G4ti 4600 vid card 1.5 gig of ram

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