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  1. When?

    All good things come too those who wait and its a long time coming so it must be great.
  2. Airbases

    What level of detail are planning for airbases and the area around them?(cities towns) When the player taxi out to the runway what will we see. For example taxi and runway marking, Aircraft , hangers,wind socks and so on.
  3. What If

    Falcon 4 built around f16. Lockon built around f15 A10 mig29 su27 su 25 etc. Blackshark built around Ka50. Thunderworks built around Mirage, Atendand,Pucara,Harrier frs.1,Harrier, gr.3, and your right A-4 .
  4. What If

    It will be interesting to see what happens within the sim if as virtual pilots or Squadrons we use the information from this documentary . I must say how refreshing it is to have a sim not built around USA and Russian Aircraft. Looking forward to flying Etendard.
  5. Dante, can we have an update?

    Video showing Super Etendard at airbase would be nice.
  6. What If

    There are 5 parts so about 45 minutes shows the viewer ways to defeat the British Taskforce.
  7. What If

    Interesting doco on you tude called Malvinas\Falklands war: How close to defeat . There is to my knowledge 4 parts but there could be more.
  8. FV101 Scorpion

    Love it great model with added detail ( little shovel) excellent.
  9. im waiting

    Just joined Combat Ace forum to post my support for this sim. Looking forward to the day when I can purchase it.

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