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  1. Thanks..... :D Indeed, this is the subject of my post, how for got some winter terrain. i know that you are working on these, and i hope it will be ready soon. Thanks for your answer, i feel better, i was thinking i va made a mistake by posting some screens. And what do you think about this new feature Any idea ? Bye....
  2. Yes, oups, so sorry Deuces, i didn't want tou hurt you with this post. My English is just a little rough, and often difficult to explain my thing about.... Only colors are changed, and with my graphic card, it looks better for a Korean Campaign, that's all. It is not mean that it is better than original deuce's terrain, it's only for my own view. That's engage only me ! with my poor computer !. I'm sorry you sound hungry with that. My apologies. :roll:
  3. Here's some screens with this new Europe terrain Surly, it misses some snow on the ground
  4. Hi I ve found this campaign fine, and that 's true, it's a little hard to install it without any experience in sfp1 mod. Should say that before, you should download and install the Sabre V2 pack. Meanwhile, i've installed it with new Europe Othman terrain files ( go to SFP1 Central, french web site ), and look pretty good than deuces original terrain. But how for got this snowy terrain files ? Korea in Juanary 56 looks more snowy than a summer terrain....
  5. yep !!! works fine Thanks ;-)
  6. Hi all I've downloaded the zip files from Hazard, but i don't know how to put the TGA file in the Flight.cat file Someone can help me ? Bye

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