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  1. I love the terrain, guys! It's a dream to fly! I'm only facing one issue with it, and that is that whenever I begin on a runway, my aircraft appear in the middle, and facing the wrong direction. Anything I should do?
  2. First, let me say that I truly appreciate all the help I've gotten on this forum so far. You've all really helped me to unlock this game's full potential. But I have another quick question: I recently installed the Mirage Factory's latest weapons pack, but as good as it is , it's a little short on variety. I'd like to switch to a different, post 08 patch pack. But how would I go about doing it, without mucking up my weapons folder?
  3. Switching weapons packs?

    Will I need to use both .ini's and .dat's? Or maybe merge them with the editor?
  4. Switching weapons packs?

    Thanks, man. Sounds like a plan!
  5. Now, I know it's not the add-on's fault, and I'm guessing it's something to do with the interaction between my Weapons Pack (Community Pack 2.52), and my WOV being patched to Oct. 08. At any rate, I have installed weapons pack 2.52, to an 08 patched copy of WOV, and now I get nothing but my Infrared AIMs showing up. Everything else is unaccounted for. Should I use my Weapon Editor to run through every weapon, or do I perhaps have my .ini, or .dat in the wrong folders? I have to say, I am uber stumped on this one. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!
  6. Hey, guys. Looks like I'm still wrestling with this one. I tried the above, but with a MiG-23 (though I don't suppose it matters), and I'm still stuck with a very minimal amount of options. I think I was able to loadout three bomb choices, I had two air to air options, and a centerline fuel tank. I have no earthly idea what could be going on here.
  7. I've tried it with a few different models. I've tried it with Both the F and E model Super Hornets, the F-16c, the MiG-29, and the new Mirage IVa recently uploaded. With the Hornets I get my two AIM9 variants (the L, and P, I believe), and nothing else. With the 29 I get a centerline tank, a couple of bomb options, and my Atolls, Aphids, and that's it. Same basic story all around. I wonder if my Weapons Editer could be the root of the problem? Or maybe I need to run through every weapon in the editor, and do the little click dance on all of them? (God, that would take forever.) Once again, thanks for your time and knowledge!
  8. Drop Tanks

    I think you're right about the centerline tank. When you consider the proximity of the sparrow on an F-4 configuration, releasing them prior a centerline punch would bring the trajectory dangerously close to the tank, and it's fuel.
  9. Alright, first let me say THANK YOU to the both of you! Without site like these, I would not be able to do jack s*** with my machine! I tried the weapon editor, same issue arose. I only have a small fraction of weapons available. I have my .ini in my objects folder, and my .dat in my weapons folder. Is it possible that this is wrong? Do I need to alter my aircraft in any way?

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