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  1. Ok, time to join in OFF: Covenant with Death? I know it's a book title and film title but.... Originally I believe from the Old testament "We have made a covenant with death and with hell are we at agreement......" Just my 2p worth Cheers Quoth
  2. Hi Oldham No, it is WW1 but it's about the formation of a Kitchener battalion and follows it through to the battle of the Somme. It's fiction but very well researched and heavily based on fact. Very moving. Cheers Quoth
  3. Hi All Long time since I was on this forum and posted anything. I got a copy of "Covenant with Death" by John Harris Long out of print but very well worth reading if you can get hold of a copy. Cheers Quoth
  4. Hi Guys Installed and all works perfectly Thank for the continued support!! Quick question, I thought I read in a previous thread (can't remember where) that the Hi Res skins now show visisble damage although in workshop it says no visible damage. Which is correct or did I imagine/misread the thread Thanks Q
  5. A Little Oddity

    I've noticed this. When not leading a flight I used to be polite and let my flight leader land first, so I followed on the wide circuit of the field and watched them all crash on approach!! I thought this had been fixed but apparently not cheers Q
  6. What nationality are you?

    And a vote for South Wales (the UK one) I notice nobody from France or Belgium!! Q
  7. Hi All Have just finished reading Winged Victory, and I noticed a reference to Mossyface Wood. I seem to remember this being mentioned quite frequently in the Biggles stories and thought it was a fictional place but now... Anyway, my question is did it exist, if it does is it modelled in OFF and where exactly is it? (is that 3 questions?) Look forward to any replies Cheers Q
  8. The other point which is impossible to quantify is experience. Every time you fly you gain experience and if your pilot dies you still retain that experience. :yes: Be interesting to know how the devs could solve THAT one Cheers Q
  9. Interesting, I wasn't leading the flight so I followed the rest, thought it only polite to let my leader land first, only everytime I've done that I've followed them back to the field only to watch them all crash just short!! So haven't bothered since, but if you say they now land.... Cheers Q
  10. Hi I also voted ok, but I would agree with the comments that the AA seems a little too accurate cheers Q
  11. Yes that would be nice, I remember in Flying Corps (sorry to hark back to an old game) how one spun all the way down and then the crash occurred. The next thing you saw was a military funeral :yes: Q
  12. Don't know if this has been posted here on CA before but... Install OFF on Vista Machines Redaux...A better way! ________________________________________ After installation of CFS3 and CFS3 patches and running CFS3: Restart computer in safe mode (Hold down F8 key during startup). Right click on each OFF installer icon; select "Run as Administrator" and install each section in order (Phase 2 release, skins, video, updates). You will receive an error message stating the "OLEAUT32.dll" will not register. Close the error message box buy clicking the "X" in the upper right corner and allow the installation to proceed. Restart computer in regular mode (reboot). Goto the CFS3 folder, find the CFS3.exe icon, right click to select properties and set compatability to "Windows XP". Goto the CFSWWI Over Flanders Fields folder and set the OFFmanager.exe and shell.exe to "WindowsXP" compatibility as you did to CFS3.exe. Restart computer in "Safe" mode (F8) and runn OFF. OFF should initilize. Exit OFF and restart in regular mode. OFF should now run with out any problems under the Vista operating system. Using "Safe" mode to install and initilize bypasses processes and services that interfer with the proper placement and copying of files. I would like to thank "wisicu" for the tip on using "Safe" mode. P.S. So far there is no "Hang on exit bug". Hope this is helpful to someone Cheers Q
  13. White anti-aircraft fire not white enough Q
  14. I must be getting the hang of this internet thingy, found my way here!! Thanks for the forum CombatAce Now the bar must be open by now.... Q

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