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  1. A little Red Baron reminiscence

    Thanks Homeboy for the great command card. I travel through Raleigh every week with my job(tractor-trailer truck driver). Glad to see someone else here enjoys a good cigar. Nothing better after a hard day's work or intense session of OFF combat than a good smoke to erase the stress. I especially enjoy Ashton VSG's after a nice ribeye and adult beverage, how about you? Sorry if I'm off-topic, but thanks again! Regards, Bill
  2. Where's the Press Love?

    I'm also a regular reader of his column; he always had something interesting to check out like: OFF phase1&2 years ago. I probably wouldn't be enjoying BHAH now if it wasn't for him. Sorry to hear he's gone for now.
  3. Great new look

    Absolutely stunning, beautifully done! Put up so fast, it really makes me feel welcome here. Bill
  4. Thanks to Combat Ace

    Hello all, My thanks also to MK2 and CombatACE for such a great looking site. Glad to be here! Bill

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