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  1. Now not to many people know this but.... that is in fact the German entry in the first Le Mans 24 hour race in 1918 , the only Le Mans race where live amunition was R.A.C approved . cheers
  2. A very interesting read , thankyou for posting . cheers
  3. Great stuff , ive never seen that interview before , thanks for making it so everybody could watch it . cheers
  4. Nice but considering I need another $50 for the add on packs I will still wait for a better offer . Nice but still no cigar . cheers
  5. I definatly agree with Olham you celebrate the END of a war not the outbreak . cheers
  6. Not cheap when you consider the add on packs as well , I to am waiting for the sale but I have OFF so its not a hard wait . cheers
  7. Where is everybody ?

    I still look in every day but as I still don't have WOFF I really can't comment on anything game related . cheers
  8. Tom Sopwith

    I said it before and i'll say it again what an amazing life , lol pure luck classic . cheers
  9. http://combatace.com/topic/78648-official-woff-game-day-pool-ca/ I know I didn't win but its a poor show when the prize isn't awarded , unless hell froze over or something :P
  10. No its not just you Blackadder33 , I think the same thing considering the addon packs as well the price is a bit steep . I however am not boycotting WOFF , im in a wait and see holding pattern . cheers
  11. WOFF is now available!

    I think ill wait a bit and see what people think , price is a bit steep considering the add on pack as well , we'll see .
  12. Great news , and without appearing to look overly excited mite I just say YAY cheers
  13. Thanks Olham and I agree its looking nice , I just cant wait to crash and burn in such a fine looking kite :P cheers
  14. Olham on a related idea have you seen the Oculus Rift headset ? Im just wondering if it could be the next big thing for flight sims . cheers

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