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  1. Killer Spad

    I dunno, but maybe there was an issue with overheating of the gun when firing from a location through the "V" as in a Spad... maybe the slower rate of fire of the cannon made it a bit more "workable". Overheating was an issue anyway, so it might have been made a bit worse by the engine being so close? And more than likely, as in the old Fokker IV, the performance hit was still too big with a third gun, plus ammo, for the pilots who preferred faster responses from the airplane?
  2. Killer Spad

    Interesting, one reads quite a few different versions LOLZ. I'd always read that it was in addition to the single MG of the SPAD VII. My old encyclopedia had much the same info? As an example http://www.militaryfactory.com/aircraft/de...aircraft_id=684
  3. It's Time To Play,"What's My Plane" !

    N9 is a Fokker E.IV, powered by a 160 hp Oberursel U.III two-row, 14-cylinder rotary engine. This engine allowed the aircraft to be equipped with up to 3 Spandau Machine guns, but even still it affected performance adversly and not many pilots kept this armament. Interestingly, the guns were originally fitted at a 15 degree upward angle, but this was not kept either.
  4. Killer Spad

    Yeah, but one would think if there was space for a cannon, there'd be space for a MG :)
  5. Oh Ohhhhhh....... He said the camel did a SNAP turn to the LEFT! Grounds for discrediting the claim perhaps!? LMAO
  6. Try cleaning the disk. I got that error with M2TW and Baldurs Gate II, cleaned the disks and she worked fine.
  7. Game Locking Up

    you need to install Warpzap, if you have Phase 2. it should be on the disk :) Or you need to dive your plane faster than 120 before engaging Warp ;) Warpzap allows you to warp from 60.
  8. Game Locking Up

    Strange, I have that problem normally only on the first flight of the day when I play (I mean when I load the game, not an ingame day). It runs fine every time after that. My sliders are all pretty low anyway as I run an older system with a Nvidia GeForce FX5200XT card.... old and slow. However as I mentioned, it happens only on the first flight when I load up the game. Otherwise graphics run ok (poor, but ok, as you can see in the screenshots I posted). I get around the issue by just ending the flight once I get in, then restarting the game and it's good as gold after that.
  9. Next airplane for OFF?

    I chose the DH5, but i'd also like to see the Sopwith Dolphin as well :)
  10. After 1.26 some issues---

    Something was posted about #1 yesterday. Something about the fuel mix not being correct properly that causes it i think, but others still had the problem when setting the fuel mixture right before entering warp. Does Auto mixture help?
  11. Just inquiring as i'm keen to get Phase 3 (although i'm in NZ so cash rate makes it a bit more than "$50 bucks" haha! I'd like to see whats currently in, and also whats being thought of coming up if its not too much trouble?
  12. I only play P2, but tend to avoid ground attack missions in my little DH2.... except for using them to hunt enemy airplanes....
  13. O/T Kidney Stones--Not Fun!

    Get well soon. Funny story actually. when I was around 9 my dad brought home from the hospital what looked like a tiny piece of metal in a plastic container. He said it was shrapnel from WWI when he was in the trenches, but he had to go into hospital to have it taken out as it was causing trouble. I was amazed at this and told all my friends at school, who thought he was just the coolest. A few years later and not quite so gullible I approach him about this again. I was a bit suspicious when I realized he was born in 1944, and the closest he got to action was just before the birth of my third sibling (i'm youngest of 6) when they were going to ship him to Vietnam, but didn't because of the birth of his then 3rd child. My dad was in the RNZAF Marine section, working with the Sunderlands until they were retired. Turned out of course that it was a kidney stone, just looked like metal because of the preserving fluid on it and the plastic jar...... my dad always was a bulls**t artist. Now he tells his grandkids that Grandma pulled out all his hair when he was sleeping. You should see the looks they give their Grandma when she walks in the room after that!
  14. Info on CFS3 Purchase

    Ebay? Even from shops, CFS3 is pretty darn cheap now.
  15. Parity in the skies...when?

    At the very start.... when both sides were waving at each other as they flew past lolz. If it wasn't for the allies superiority in numbers towards the end, i'd say the Germans had technical superiority with their Fokker DVII (except for the Snipe). Note it was the only aircraft named specifically by name in the armistice. It was a good fighter, better than the Camel, Spad XIII or SE5a. Then again, often it was the pilot that made the difference when aircraft were similar enough. At that early stage of aircraft development though, as they learned different techniques and designs, and engine power increased, its interesting to see the technological "steps" in aircraft development as each side tried to design better machines. Its the "simple" things of course that made such a huge impact. The Fokker Eindecker, for example, was a truly unremarkable aircraft performance wise. Even "archaic" at that early time with low powered engine and wing warping, but the interrupter gear made it a lethal weapon. Even more interesting is the ability of the DH2, a pusher aircraft, to outfly it and, with the Nieuport 11 (without interrupter), effectively bring to an end the Fokker Scourge, as they called it. Whats even more remarkable is the very small numbers of Fokker Eindeckers produced and in service at the front at any one time, yet they were the bane of allied aircrews for a while. Another interesting point, is that while the likes of Oswald Boelcke basically is the father of air warfare, and encouraged the forming of Jasta's of fighters to operate together, it was the British, with 24 squadron, that first produced the worlds first single seat fighter squadron, made up entirely of fighters. The Germans still had mixed squadrons of Fokkers and two seater recon planes, but used the Fokkers of a few squadrons together. Then of course the DH2's etc were outclassed in turn by the Halberstadts and Albatross D.I etc, and it was really the allies insistence on numbers that led to "Bloody April" 1917, as aircraft like the Camel etc were already flying, but the allies had pushed ahead with older designs in the belief that numbers would win it. At the same time of course they also had to support the offensives over German lines, so the Germans could fight in their own territory with wind on their side, usually height advantage, and generally better aircraft. Prime ingredients for a slaughter. Of course, thats my memory of the textbooks and history journals

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