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  1. They'll stone you when you try to be so good They'll stone you just like they said they would They'll stone you and say that it's The End Then they'll stone you and come right back again But I wouldn't feel so all alone Everybody must get stoned (Thank ye thank ye, stay right there I love ya.)
  2. Jasta 5 in OFF? Why yes, yes it is: http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showt...st&p=259451 I was in the "original" online Jasta 5, weren't too many of us. Flybert, me and Neal plus a certain vonHelton who I think was the founder. Good to see the J5 prefix carried on when we fell apart.
  3. Alright. So at least now, after seeing this movie, they know who Kurt Wolff was and the name of The Red Baron. Movies are made mostly to make money. Expensive movies must make money. But I digress. As I've stated numerous times, it's not a very good movie, maybe 4 out of 10. But as a WW1 aviation movie it's certainly a 7. You get a 5 just for making one these days. But I suppose some people would be happier if it hadn't been made at all. That's alright too.
  4. Huh? They overdubbed it from English to German? Craaazy. It was even filmed in English, as Olham said. There is definitely an English version out there, it's the one I have. But I just checked and Amazon doesn't carry it? Hrm, I can buy it at my local gas station for chrissakes. Here it is from a Swedish retail store: http://ginza.se/Product/Product.aspx?Identifier=314748 and also available on Blu-Ray. With English voices. But if it's not even available on the US market I guess you could just go with what the net has to offer in its dark and seedy underbelly.
  5. Ronbo: They are speaking English in the movie so no worries there. OvS: I assume you're joking when you say that they make the most expensive movie in German film history for people like us? We're not very numerous y'know?
  6. Well if anyone can point me to a better movie made in the last ten years with tons of accurate looking WW1 aircraft both on the ground and in the air, please don't hesitate to tell me about it. It's not very well directed, the script is pretty poor, the casting is generally bad but it still has a charismatic lead and lots and lots of footage of the planes, both in the air and on the ground. I particularly enjoyed all aerodrome scenes. If you like OFF, the era and the planes you owe yourself to watch it. You can find "historical inaccuracy" in any war movie and if you can't live with it, don't watch war movies. Especially not ones made in the last twenty years. And Red Baron is probably the only WW1 air war movie we are likely to get over the next ten years. Edit: .
  7. I attended the memorial flyby as well. Don't think I'll ever forget it either. Man, those nicks made my head rewind to ten years ago. I remember Moritz (JG1 IIRC?) and a lot of the above mentioned LE pilots, Spinny, Photo, Mac etc. I flew on European time of course but I remember logging in to a server one time where it was basically only JG1 and WW against LE and WW. I think I was with JG1 at the time or possibly with Neal in J5. Don't think I managed an even score that night, even if I was a pretty decent Pfalz flier. It was generally hard to belong to a squad since most squads then were mainly in the US. IIIRC I flew for J5, JG1, WW and LE. Great squads with great people all of them. And now we're here.
  8. Next airplane for OFF?

    Well I've played a bit every night since I got the game 3-4 weeks ago, after 1.26 it all changed, all my PC-playtime has been spent in OFF. And I've not even played a full campaign month with ONE A/C (the Early Alb DIII) with 1.2x. All the other planes in the game are unopened books for me. So whether the OFF team decide to add one more plane or not is something that might be interesting to me in a year or so.
  9. Hoghead: Think you need to spec what AC you're flying. My Albatros compadres do just fine. Is it just the Pup? BH: The Pup should actually have a slight edge over the DIII above 12k feet so maybe you should try that out ...
  10. I'd give you a medal just for being able to light a fag in that rain. Posthumous.
  11. I had a recent mission where I got a DH2, a Feeb and a Bristol Fighter (yay!) and I painstakingly filled in my form but got the "Claim will be rejected" message. So I figured, OK, Kemper also got a burst in on the BrisFit and scratched that claim, even if I felt completely sure that I was the one to get it. But since my rpg-ish mission in Campaign is to keep myself and my flights alive for as long as possible I felt fine giving it to Kemper. Um, my point? Oh yeah, IF I had persisted in claiming the Biff both my two other legitimate claims would have been rejected as well. I think that's a nice touch. 7 missions in, Second Flight is 7 kills plus 6 claims for zero losses. I've got five (plus that damn BrisFit!) By the way, anyone know what the Germans called their flights? I know the word is/was Kette but did they call them Kette A and Kette B, Erste and Zweite Kette or name them after flight leaders, ie Kette Gontermann? Or maybe they didn't bother with that?
  12. Things fall apart. Jasta 5's most recent Kanone watch as his latest victory, a BE2c of 1st Squadron, falls apart and plummet toward the trenches.
  13. I think it's somthing close to a percentage chance of the claim being succesful. 48 - not so good. 92 - almost certain. I've gotten 82 or some such I believe as my highest "score".
  14. If it works I would demand that they keep it in. RFC claim forms are filled, absolutely filled with Out of Control claims. "Fired at attacking red-nosed Albatros which fell out of control toward the ground." That would often be a succesful claim if other crews had witnessed it. Both sides used it to get out of bad situations.
  15. Bullethead: I think even one bullet in the engine of the DIII has it lose around one third of its rpm's. It's not that "we" throttle down, it's the engine that is a real weak point for it. That's my experience anyway. All AI planes stay in the fight too long. I've been down in the dirt fighting N17's for fifteen minutes a long long way from the front. Low on fuel and alt and short of ammo doesn't seem to bother the AI in the slightest. I'm betting most - if not all - of your and tttiger's tactics are readily applicable to German pilots since the AI is only an AI. And the Albatros always has two guns... ;)

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