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  1. What that does is start the program changing the run priority from normal to realtime, which is normally reserved for the top processes. In the past doing that could cause a system crash but glad to hear it's stable now. You can also try /HIGH, which is one step below REALTIME and one step above NORMAL..
  2. I use an Antec 850W in my system, not sure if that hurts or helps. ATI 4870 1GB card..
  3. Some thoughts...

    Problem is the connection needs to be "Aces High / IL2" solid to have a good, fair competition ladder. While you may get a good/fun dogfight in now and then it isn't something you can count on.. unless someone changed some code since the last time I tried? Even on a LAN it is twitchy for me.
  4. Some thoughts...

    Yes. There is NO way, with the current MP code mess, that doing any sort of MP competition is feasible. Co-op missions are fun, but even then you get the "wobbly" AI planes and other glitches. Human dogfights? No way until the code is fixed and I highly doubt that will happen anytime soon..
  5. I'm with you Pol, I like WOP and the activations thing is a non-issue to me. I applaud the devs for their efforts and really enjoy just hopping in for a quick fight. Add to that the stunning visuals and smooth as silk framerates and I hope this is around a long time.
  6. Did you notice any conditions that may have changed (back) from when it worked and when it didn't?
  7. TH CH PRO USB HOTAS has a very accurate microstick (in the USB Throttle) also, but for me it's either the TIR or fixed views.
  8. Trackir 5

    They aren't the same at all. TIR 5 has about double the resolution (IIRC) as a TIR 4. The latest software upgrade just makes the TIR 4 perform better..
  9. Sound Solution

    G35's for $107 here - wonder why Bose hasn't produced a set yet? http://www.bhphotovi...nd_Headset.html
  10. Had to edit the keyboard.inp file, it wasn't as shown in the tweak guide so I played around and it works fine.
  11. Thanks UK_W, I have the KB map and see SHFT-H as "HUD Mode" so i'll try it. Be nice to have the throttle work but I can program it to throw out "=" and "-" if I have to.
  12. I have it running and looks like it will be fun. Did all the "tweaks" but although my CH Pro throttle is seen and works in controls it does nothing in game. Also, how do you get rid of the "HUD" degree lines?
  13. Thanks for the info ArgonV, can never have too many WWI sims IMO! No one has mentioned online with SDOE-FS-WWI, is there any or is it just bad?
  14. tracert dos command

    Zipped it into a .rar for easier downloading, this should get it - UOTrace It will create an ini file when 1st started and ask to find the UO Server List, just say NO and when it runs select Options/Advanced. It's pretty straightforward, put an IP in and you can Traceroute it to see how many jumps to the destination IP or Poll it to look for lost packets, etc.

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