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  1. A summer flight during the day, so that you see where you're going! Very nice shot, though!
  2. The Bertangles Aerodromes

    Most of the time it's much drier these past few years in Antwerp. Climate change is noticeable.
  3. Short 'Period' Film

    Fatigue shows on their faces. And what a tight fit for Guynemer (and he was actually quite thin).
  4. Why do hou make such detailed aircraft, if they are just for destroying them afterwards?
  5. We Can Fly

    It took him months to prepare; he made elaborate drawings of the equipment he would need, etc. Very well done. Now where did I put my bird wings?
  6. We Can Fly

    This "Flying Dutchman" was on Dutch TV yesterday to confess it was all just an animation project. A hoax, nothing more!
  7. We Can Fly

    Must be a terrific feeling! A wonderful achievement!
  8. Birdsong

    I liked it very much, great camerawork, good story, good actors, WW1 trenches atmosphere represented well, etc. Haven't read the book, so, can't compare. But "Birdsong" definitely lives up to the (high) BBC standards!
  9. Happy New Year all

    Happy flying in 2012!
  10. Mümliswil - Ramiswil revisited

    Looks very nice in OFF! But didn't you get locked up for flying over neutral country in a warplane?
  11. Camel

    I know you can in OFF, but it's nice to see a Camel in another sim, too.
  12. Camel

    Want to fly a Camel over Switzerland? Take a look here: http://www.aeroflyfs.com/index.php/de/produkte-shop/shop-international.html
  13. Now, that's good news (for our wallets)!

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