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  1. Greetings, all! Purchased, downloaded, and installed HitR the other day. During installation, my antivirus program, Avira AntiVir, detected files <is-48J1A.tmp> and <is-CI-0O1.tmp> as TR/Dropper.Gen trojans. I clicked "ignore". Now every time I try to start OFF, AntiVir pops up saying OFFManager is the TR/Dropper.Gen trojan. My OFF shortcut is in a folder on the desktop named GAMES along with about 20 other shortcuts. Whenever I just open the FOLDER, AntiVir pops up with the same message. I can disable AntiVir before I play, but I'd rather avoid the hassle. Two questions: I can assume my AntiVir is WRONG, correct? I mean there's no way a virus could have been downloaded with the HitR file, right? Secondly, does anyone know if there's a way to tell AntiVir to permanently "ignore" these files? Thanks. Oh, by the way, loving HitR.
  2. Excellent! What fun. And, yes, how did you get the Zeppelin? And piloting it, no less!
  3. I'm curious. How do you see the bombs hit? I've seen several posts about watching the bombs create their devastation, etc. that imply that the pilot is watching as the bombs explode. When I'm pilot I am busy pulling up and away and, although I have TrackIR, can't "look down" to see the explosions. Furthermore, what's the technique used to drop the bombs? How do you know when to drop? Practice? Or is there some other trick? Thanks.
  4. Could you explain this, please? I think at some point I must have turned off this capability and would like to know how to get it back. Come to think of it, I haven't seen a "targeting cone" for months. What's the keyboard command to get it back so I can specify targets? Thanks. :yes:
  5. Good questions. My understanding is that if you are not the flight leader, you are unable to use the "next waypoint" command (SHIFT-W). Griphos is right about the time acceleration/deceleration commands. They come in handy when you're trying to limp home and can't use warp. Yes, "A" is the attack command but I don't think there's a way to specify a target. Just turn them loose and hope for the best. Welcome to the wonderful world of TrackIR. You'll never go back to being without it.
  6. I hadn't checked the board for a couple of weeks and was amazed to see the seemingly sudden conflict with the SOH admins and subsequent move to a new home. Those guys always did seem a bit uptight about things and I'm sure the move is for the best. If nothing else, it gives me a chance to change my user name (was BaronMybuns) which I've wanted to do for a long time anyway. :yes: Anyway, glad I checked in and it's good to see people making the migration.

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