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  1. After installing 1.28a, I can look at the map during Scramble missions, and haven't had a map crash since. Something might have fixed it in 1.28a.
  2. Chalk me up as another convert. Read about this on another forum, and as someone who absolutely loved the entire RB series I was intrigued. Then I saw it was $50 (at the time), and scoffed. $50 for a mod? Then more and more positive impressions were pouring in on the other (non-flight-sim-centric) forum, and I thought what the hell. I haven't played sims since IL2 in 2001. I decided to go full-bore and get a TrackIR while I was at it. And let me tell you. This is one of the best flight sims I have ever played. Even without TrackIR it truly is the spiritual successor to the Red Baron series.
  3. This is definitely a separate issue, not RAM related. It only happens during "scramble" missions, and I'm running at 1280x720 with all sliders at 1 on a GeForce 8800GT 384 meg P43.4ghz XPSP3 2 gigs ram
  4. When exactly do you release though? When the target you want to hit initially gets cut off by your cockpit? Do you dive bomb like in a Stuka?
  5. I've read in the tips section to use "ctrl-=" and "ctrl-minus" to adjust fuel mixture. I've done this when at high altitude, and noticed no effect. Is there some sort of indicator in the cockpit showing where fuel mixture is currently set? I've gone so far as to hold down ctrl-minus for 10 seconds, ditto on ctrl-=
  6. I press "shift-t" to bring up the tactical display on the upper left, then I press "t" to filter only air targets. At that point, you can use "tab" to cycle forward through targets, and "shift-tab" to cycle backwards.
  7. Ah, excellent. That'll work. I guess what happened was, I selected a fighter career, but advanced the date initially on the squadron I picked to the point where their default plane was a bomber... At least that's what I think happened... Also, the F8 issue is due to TrackIR taking the key to go into precision mode, so not a bug in the game.
  8. Thanks for the responses! If I am not the flight leader, will the flight leader automatically change my waypoint for me, once he's satisfied that we'd done all we could to a target?
  9. Drop to Desktop

    P4 3.4ghz multithread GeForce 8800GT WinXP SP2 2 gigs ram TrackIR Pro
  10. When I try to switch to the chin/rear gun when flying the Albatross (I think it was the albatross, at least), the plane will automatically try to fly to the current waypoint. This obviously makes it almost impossible to hit anything using this aircraft, as the plane usually is not heading toward the waypoint, causing it to bank heavily. Is there a way to disable this behavior? Or, better yet, a way to have the plane maintain straight and level flight when switching to the gun positions? Also, the manual says use "F8" to toggle gun positions, and "shift f8" to toggle in reverse. It took me awhile to figure out that only "shift f8" works to switch to the gun positions.
  11. Drop to Desktop

    Sorry, this actually happened to me in a "search and destroy" mission as well. It seems to happen randomly.
  12. Drop to Desktop

    Using the previously posted utility and setting it to "automatic", as well as going into the task manager and setting affinity to CPU1 only, the game still crashes to desktop (actually, back to the OFF frontend) when I hit the "M" key to bring up the map. Sometimes the map works, sometimes it doesn't. If I go back in to re-fly the same mission (the mission the front end gives me after a crash is always the same one), I crash every time I try to use the map.
  13. I received a mission to go shoot down a balloon just now. I arrived at the destination, and there was no balloon there. Is this just something that may randomly occur in the campaign engine, or is it a bug?
  14. I assume this is the place to post bug reports... so here goes: When I try to look at the map during a scramble mission, the game immediately exits and I'm back to the OFF shell. It doesn't even seem to think I've flown the mission. Also, how exactly are scrambles handled? I took off, no enemy planes... and I must have warped for about 10 minutes with still zero contacts...
  15. I finally got this in the mail (and my first TrackIR- what an awesome combo!). Having a fantastic time. However, I just did a mission where I had to attack a train yard. I spent all my ammo, took a bit of flak on my wings, and started hobbling back to base. I was a fair distance away from my target, yet the game would not let me warp, saying I was "at checkpoint" or something similar. Is there a way to manually advance my waypoint, so I can warp? Is there a way to manually adjust time acceleration? Also, how do you tell your wingmen to engage a ground target?

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