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  1. Very good point Armourdave. I didn't consider that. Then why dont we create our "official" plane releases ourselves? I'm relatively new to the SFP1 scene, mainly because of the late european release. I don't know which is the biggest and most frequented SFP1 fansite out there, but we could establish a central assembling point here. First we should think about a way for creating installers which take away all these INI- and DAT-file-messing for us. Any coders here? I'm studying C and C++ at the moment and am willing to help where i can :P
  2. Have you tried so? I'm not quite sure how to interprete your post. :roll: Should it read: "i clicked the 'open' tab and nothing happened" ? Would be nice if your could narrow it down a bit :)
  3. Try: Options -> Part I: Game -> Starting Position: "On the runway" I'm using the german texts, hope you'll find it nevertheless.
  4. Well done. Although i have to admit that the outer sidewinder looks a bit weird without the pylon :-) Additionally it would be great to able to arm the inner and outer pylons an both sides simultaneously. At the moment you can choose them seperately. Now that we are at it: How about a steerable front wheel? :D
  5. I would like to see TK releasing semi-official plane packs with fan-made planes. I know that we hardcore simmers wouldn't need them as we just test everything we can lay our hands on :) , but for the people just passing by the official site it would be great to see all those brilliant plane additions already made and be given a possibility to easily download them in a convenient form. TK should ask the modders for permission and then release the communities final versions. Also you wouldn't have any more difficulties with "different versions" of the same plane. What do you think?
  6. Hi there Echo333 Just unzip the files in a directory of your choice. I would suggest creating a sub-directory in your SFP1 installation folder for your convenience :D keeping the directories as stored in the ZIP-File intact. Depending in which weapon class you would like to edit you now simply fire up the corresponding executable. In the lower right tab you find the Open-Button which is used for...nah?... I see you understand me. By default the "Open"-dialog point to the ObjectData-sub-directory of your Weapons Editor. You might alter this to match your actual SFP1 WeaponData.ini. After opeing an INI-file the table to the left shows an overview of some data of all the entries in the file. By double-clicking suhc an entry you enter the detailed data page which enables you to the data as well. Now you can around with numbers. But don't say you haven't been warned. Don't forget to save/move your INI-file into the Objects-folder in your SFP1 installation if you would like to try'em out. Have Phun!

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