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  1. It's not my system every thing is in optimum condition. Only 16 processes in the background. New drivers are installed the OS is updated and I just did a clean reinstall. All the settings were on but still it should run better than 35FPS. It hits 500FPS when I look at the sky.
  2. OK here is the system I have... NForce 4 Ultra AMD 64 3500+ Clawhammer 90 @ 2.3 GHZ 1 GB PC3200 @ 430 MHz 2.5 - 2 - 2 - 5 BFG PCI-E 6800 GT OC 256 MB DDR3 SB Audigy 2 ZS ect..... Lock On still does not perform as well as you think it would. I get about 35 FPS and even lower on 4x AA & AF at 1024x768x32. This game engine is crapy as hell IMO. This there any thing I can do with out having to lose image quality?
  3. U.S. Marine Corp

    My brother is in the US Marine Corps. If things go well for him he looks like he might make Marine Force Recon. From what I know of the Marines and Navy they are by far the toughest class of warriors in this world. I have so much respect for the Marines they have my respect to the highest degree.
  4. upgrades...

    Good one.
  5. I miss my DSL.

    Don't ever buy satellite Internet there is too much propagation and sunstorms heavily affect your connection speed. I can't even use the Internet unless it's cable. It’s not worth my time to sit and wait for some thing to happen and load
  6. OFP2 pushed back..

    This was expected to happen it's so advanced it would only run on a 6800 GT +. But 2006 is a long ways away so I hope by then it will be ready. Maybe it will be worth the wait?
  7. Doom 3 - Wow!

    There is already an expansion that’s current being developed. It's called "Resurrection of Evil". http://gamesradar.msn.co.uk/news/default.a...bsectionid=1589
  8. HalfLife2 is unlocked

    I beat the game already!!! But it was on easy and I spent two days on it. Now I can say that this game is a big step forward in gaming technology. It reminds me of a movie so I think one day instead of movies there will be interactive movies. Real-time rendering is 10 years away but this game definitely sets a new standard in graphics and game play. I think it even out does Doom 3 but only in small margins. The game also causes motion sickness because the physics are so realistic.
  9. Arafat is Dead

    People don't die they just move on. :yes: In Arafat's case he moved to Hell most likely. I hope there can be a leader that will fully support the US in IRAQ.
  10. They needed to fix the strobe lights LOL they still look way to cheesy.
  11. Joining the Marines?

    Well I have an AS in information systems. So with my PT scores I am going to get a record $30,000 bonus.... I am going to do it so I will be fine. I went to MEPS so I am in as of now. I kicked ass there but I know there is a long way to go. But some people that are Marines are just weak compared to me. But I am going to get my scars laser removed so I will be fine with that. I am not even worried about it now. BT is going to be a breeze for me. I think I made the right decision because I can kick my DI’s ass with out trying so I will be fine. I got to meet him, which is very rare so I am told (one of them). I can’t wait to get drilled because I think I have some thing to prove now I am going to show every DI I have been in hell and I can defeat them in every thing they try to do. I don’t even care what people say now because I went to PT with Marines that can’t keep up with me. I am glad I waited this long because I am ready now. But on a down note I will go to Iraq when I am done with BT and IT. So I am going to Iraq for sure but I plan on going into Recon like my brother is and maybe also a sniper if I have the QAL’s. I know 2 Marine snipers now and they say if I don't do it I am missing out in my reason for living.
  12. Joining the Marines?

    Thanks Gator for being upfront with me. I do understand these rules and laws as they were explained to me. We were able to get around the rules with testing my PT scores and then submitting them to the command at MEPS center for their approval. And they cleared me based on my PT test. As far as mental "road to recovery" I don't see a psychiatrist any more and he gave me the go ahead to do this if I want to. You see the reason for my cutting was me being hard on my self and I was 16 at the time. And I would say I never had a chemical imbalance. I don't believe in that because with every emotion your brain chemicals change. This I believe is not the reason I ever had any problems. It was my upbringing and really nothing more. It's hard to say if some one is really mentally ill. I know from a military standpoint they can't just take my word that I am fine. But I know I am and I know I can prove it. I know it's going to be hard but I don't mind getting drilled and the stress of that I will take very well. Working out extremely hard has been my outlet for over coming stress. So the more stress I have the more I will want to do the physical things because this is a comfort zone for me. I will consider doing other things but right now I just don’t have any other things going for me. And if it is a mistake then the worst that can happen is I will get discharged. The Marine BT is like Army Ranger training for the most part except a few things (being biased). Not every one can be a Marine I know. And as some other Marines have told me I can get discharged if they feel I am now going to do well mentally. So worst-case scenario I will but get the boot in my ass and have to go home. :(
  13. Joining the Marines?

    Thanks for all the info guys. I do appreciate it I know the implications of lying now. But one of the reasons I want to be a Marine is my physical conditioning. I went into the recruiter’s office and pulled out 60 pull-ups 320 push-ups and 250 timed sit-ups and ran 6 miles (on a track ) for them in less than 15 mins but they let me do what I could with out a time limit becuase they can see I am in good shape. I qualify for a bonus for doing this ($25,000 maybe). At MEPS I know there are people that can’t do 1 pull-up. Physically I am most likely already like a Marine. I do nothing but work out and run all the time. The guys in the recruiter’s office loved me and had a great time watching me do these things. I was honest with them and my recruiter talked to some people and I guess some one on the very top cleared and waved every thing for me. So I told them that I am going to think about it for two weeks (they did not like that) but it’s my life. Then if I decide to do it I will leave on the 18th of October and then I will go to San Diego. I know that physically the Marines will be ok for me but I also know that mentally I will be born again hard. So any ways thanks for all the posts and your advice. PS: I am 23 years old if any of you were wondering.
  14. Joining the Marines?

    Well I think I will try and follow your advice. I know this was an unusual question but thanks for answering. B)
  15. Joining the Marines?

    The funny thing is that the recruiter was in Recon SF, a world class TRI-Atholon winner, and he was in some movies even (Courage Under Fire). He's older and he's a Master Srg that has a lot of connections. He got my brother in a while ago but my brother had a felony. He has gone out of the way for people. My friend is also going on the "buddy pass" he also had a lot of wavers. It's hard to know if you can trust him or not. Well... I have a lot of thinking to do because if this guy goes out on a limb for me I don't want to disappoint him. Nor do I want to get him in trouble. So I need to be sure as Navy Chief said. But thanks for you advice :)

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