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  1. .......PATCH PATCH PATCH...... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHEN? What is taking them? :evil: Echo
  2. Can anybody tell me how the red box can be skipped? I would like to padlock, but without that red box in view. :? Thanks, Echo
  3. Isn't the pilot (still) sitting much too high??? Echo
  4. Does this mean that I should start up a new campaign and hope for the best? :shock: Thanks, Echo
  5. I am still flying the f100 after hours!! When will it update, my squadron is already flying starfighters! Does anybody know? Thanks, :roll: Echo
  6. Do a search on the forum. This matter was dealt with extensively before. I had the same problem. Cheers, Echo :)
  7. As a matter of fact I installed DX9a and now everything runs smoothly again (previousl I had DX9). Thanks, Echo
  8. Coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Echo
  9. Hi guys, After I defragmented my harddisk and implemented the Cluster Bomb Fix - v0.9 I get CTD's everytime I start up a (single) mission after 60% upload. The game ran smooth before. I checked the missile.object.ini and the particles.ini and everything looks fine. Did anyone have the same experience? What should I do. I hate to install the entire game with patches again :( Thanx, Echo
  10. Capun, Have you made any progress yet regarding the SAMs? Cheers, Echo :D
  11. Hi there, Your post is a great help. Can you give us an idea what the entries for ParticleColor and ParticleSize mean, i.e. which entries trigger which effect; length of exhaust, etc? (this would avoid us inventing the wheel for a number of times:wink: ) Thanks, Echo
  12. Mine is WinXP Home AMD Athlon XP2200+ 512 MB DDR Geforce4MMX64 SB live 5.1 20gig I don't think it's the computer system, it is the AI behaviour: they move too fast and too nervous. How can we tackle this? :roll: Cheers, Echo
  13. :D Thanx, The afterburner looks pretty cool now!! In what way should I amend no. 73 in the particles.ini? Cheers, Paul

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