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  1. Suggested Graphics Settings

    I can hardly say how thrilled I am with these settings of Rabu's. Thanks a TON for sharing! I had recently replaced my aging GS7900 card with a GT260/896MB card and thought I'd have all the FPS I would ever need. However, I found almost no improvement when using the same settings I've been using all along. I had just about decided I'd have to wait to really enjoy OFF when I was able to replace my 4-year old computer with something that had more CPU. However, with the settings described in Homeboy's message, I have noticed at least a 20% improvement in FPS performance - even when over airfields, etc. The clarity of the images is also better than I've ever experienced. These settings (as different as many of them are from what has been CFS3 "standard" for so long) have breathed new life into my system and sparked renewed interest for me in OFF. I can also say that I have made the same settings changes to my other CFS3 installs (MAW, ETOE) and have experienced even better performance results than what I've seen for OFF (I know OFF is much more system-taxing to begin with). So again, cheers to Rabu, Homeboy and the others here for really digging into these complicated details and working through them for all our benefit! Best regards to all, Michael
  2. Greetings all, Finally got myself an account over here. It's really beginning to feel like home. Nice work to all involved! Easy question for you, I'm sure (though my culling through Google images has not yet revealed the answer). Who's plane is shown in the attached? I know it's in the game . . . the picture came from the OFF screensaver. I need to ride that horse! Thanks! Michael
  3. Who's is This?

    Thanks much to all! Looking forward to this skin. I remember building a 1/72 scale model of this one (or one very similar) back in the day. Michael

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