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  1. Screenshot Contest Entries Here!

    Hello guys. As said that i was going too post my entry today. Here it is. The russian airforce is training for the maybe upcoming war at the sunset. a mig and a su-27 flying in formation while a other su-27 breaks off too refuel. It is very early that they are training and flying very low true some fog. Made of 3 screenshots and a real background Edited with photoshop 8.0 CS and the plane's are all from Lock-on : modern airocmbat. Enjoy Good luck all! Grtz Eagle
  2. Screenshot Contest Entries Here!

    Hello guys. Squibby awesome job on the weathering and smoke ! System=M= great job on the ancient look. Bananabob Awesome proppellers , background , lightning , and good choice of plane's. Plz do not close this competion yet. Am still working on my shot and i hope its done today. Grtz Eagle Take care all !

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