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  1. This map is a real great idea : Indochina and Vietnam conflicts are just covering the whole period SFP1 is dedicated to, after Corea. No other place in the world has seen so much different types of post WW2 military aircrafts in combat. Keep it up man. Ogh
  2. Don't panic men ! We're ( a lot of people ) 99% sure that it is a bad joke from a hacker who acted repeatedly against Jiri's and Luthier's, and many other FB and SFP1 modder's sites :evil: . More : the text is far from Jiri's style, who shouldn't have set such a short time annoucement, without a long and clear explanation, accordingly to his usual courtesy and respect toward the community. Please forward this information, you can get its confirmation in many other sim forums. And keep cool, waiting for Jiri's reaction And if you manage to catch this asshole, please leave me a piece for my entertainment :twisted: ! Ogh
  3. Force Feedback Flight Helmet

    WOW ! I only can say : go on if you feel it like this Either you're mad or a genius, but only time will tell. While, I wish you fun running after this dream Ogh
  4. I'd like to know what kind of mission it was dedicated to, the ac performances. And also if it was appreciated or not by the pilots. I always thought this is a nice little fighter, but never known anything about it. Oghkhood
  5. The most beautifull : The Flanker Historical : The DC3 The best : The Dassault Rafale Oghkhood
  6. :D my first model was a Spit. The second was the tiger .... and the first I finished decently What kind of plane was it in real life ? Oghkhood
  7. Lologramme is curently working on the pit. So I just can confirm that the MIIIC will be flyable wiht it's own pit, but I dont know if the pit is to be released in the same time. Same for the Matra missiles it used to carry Oghkhood
  8. WOW ! She's nice I think I'll enjoy to fky it Oghkhood

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