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  1. Hi guys. It just a few days ago I found some picture on the internet, some people has Chinese airforce mod for Lock on FC2 pilot log book. Does anyone know I can download that? Please let me know. Much appreciated!! And thanks in advance. http://www.lockonfiles.com/index.php/topic/37145-fc-20-chinese-navy-j-15-skin/page__p__299394#entry299394 this is the picture I found, notice that Chinese flag on the lower left corner? So if you know where I can get it, please let me know, thank you :)
  2. By the way, do I need a new gun editor too? I did a search, but it seems that the newest gun editor for SF1 is dated back to 2004
  3. Hi, guys, I haven't had a try to play anti-ground mission before in this game, and now I found it have a very different gunsight with IL-2 and the Lock on. How does the CAGED gunsight and anti-ground gunsight work here? I heard there is a website discribed the gunsight in WOE in detail. But I can't find it. Can any one please point me the right direction. Much appreciated.
  4. Hello, guys. I am just trying to put my UPK-23 gun pod on the centre hard point of MiG-21PF and MiG-21PFV since they have no fix gun themself. But ever since I install the patch for my WOE, the UPK-23 have disappeared from the inventory. And every time when I trying to use the weapon editor, my inventory will become completely empty. Since I am a computer idiot myself and can not fix this issue, so I am putting myself at you guys' mercy. Hope you guys can help me, Thanks a lot.
  5. To be more specific, it's the MiG-23 and Su-15. The Radar guided missiles like R-23, R-24 are not in the load out screan. I double checked the aircraft data ini. Nothing wrong there. So I checked the weapon data ini to see if the weapons historical year, nothing wrong there either. So I changed some of the aircraft data ini. Then I found as long as I play the red side, there would be no BVR missiles. But if I change the Su-15's nation to US and allow its hardpoints to carry NATO weapons, there are AIM-7 for loadout. (Sorry for my poor English skill, I hope you can understand what am I saying)
  6. No, sir. What I meant is the SARM is not in the hanger for me to load on the aircraft. You know, the loadout screan where weapon avaiable are listed on the left. SARM are just not there when I flight soviet aircraft like Su-15.
  7. It is weird. Every time when I fly a aircraft on the red side. All the Semi-active radar guide missile are missing from the inventory. Does anyone know how to fix it?
  8. Hello guys. I have just downloaded the MiG-17 cockpit from the "http://combatace.com/files/file/6459-mig-17-cockpit/" as it is the only real MiG-17 cockpit in here. But I found it is not a usual plug and play file. So I hope if anyone can help me and teach me how to install this file. And from the screen, it looks like it haven't got a texture. Would someone show me where can I get the texture as well, please? Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks sir. That help me a lot. By the way, how's the visibility in WOE2? It is really hard to spot plane in the first one.
  10. There's a trim mod? Could you tell me where can I download this mod, please? Thanks a lot!!
  11. Hello guys: I have been play with the WOE for 2 years now, it is a good sim. Now I just found out the WOE 2 is out. I just want to found out more about it before I spend money on it. If you guys have bought it, can you tell me what is it like compare to the first one, most importantly does it have trim? Thank a lot.
  12. Thanks a lot ! My MiG-19 radar is still not working. Do you know any one's add on have aircraft's real performance? If you can let me know that will be most helpful. Thank you again. Mr Wrench, I see you posted a lot of those add on. Do they have real performance? If they do, from now on I'll just stick to your add on for download.
  13. Hi, there. Thank you a lot. I have been download a lot add on, mostly MiGs from MiG-15 to MiG-21. But I found there is a very big issue: different add on made from different people gives aircraft different flighting performance. So how do I know that which one has the realistic performance for that aircraft? Sorry for my poor English, but what does KB mean?

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