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  1. What does (HA) stand for?

    Thank you!
  2. What does the (HA) next to AI squad mates names on the roster in campaign stand for? I’ve been trying to reason it out for a while and can’t seem to come up with a suitable answer. Cheers
  3. Lafayette Escadrille Skins?

    Yeah…no. Lafayette Esc Nieuport 17’s with no markings
  4. Lafayette Escadrille Skins?

    Except for maybe Thaw, none of the planes have markings.
  5. I started a career in N124 Sept 1916 and am wondering if there are any skins available for the N17? Cheers
  6. Aircraft Skins?

    At the moment I’m flying RNAS 1 April ‘16 and the N10’s and 11’s have French markings?
  7. Mods Recommendations?

    I noticed on the “that one please” site, there really aren’t any mods that specify bhh2?
  8. Mods Recommendations?

  9. I see there’s a plethora of mods to choose from. Any suggestions for the best to start?
  10. Crash to Desktop

    I haven’t been home since posting the first but my son said he’s got it working. He actually went on the FAQs! 😆 Configured to Windows 7. Thanks for the input though!!
  11. Crash to Desktop

    Please forgive me if this has been addressed. After being without a PC for about 3 years, thanks to a gracious bride and my boys, I received a killer combo Bday/Fathers Day gift which finally arrived a couple of days ago and I’m back in the air. I started flying yesterday, Quick Combat, to get back in the swing, and am getting DTD 4 out of 5 times after Ctrl+Q. I also just flew my first mission and had it happened after quitting out of that also. Ideas? And btw I’m stunned and amazed with the game so far! Cheers
  12. It's all gone quiet...

    I’ve still got that too!
  13. It's all gone quiet...

    It’s been a while since I’ve looked but they’re still on the closet shelf.
  14. It's all gone quiet...

    Loved it! The beginning of it all! 😊
  15. (Please put "tongue in cheek" while you read this...) Now that it's been a couple of days I may be able to get through this without getting too worked up. I usaully fly allied campaigns and probably haven't made it past 8 hours in the air. I've been flying with everything but manual mixture lately. For a change I decided I'd try flying as a German. (Sorry Snoopy old boy...) "Gefreiter Gerhard Dossenbach" enlisted with Jasta 5, 30 October 1916. "He" had 28.93 hours, 12 confirmed kills (I'd rather not mention how many he had in total, alas "Unconfirmed is unconfirmed."), 2 medals and had obtained the rank of Feldwbel. On 29 January 1917, (he was wounded a few times along the way) he landed back at Gonnelieu aerodrome, where he took off from mind you, AND WAS CAPTURED FOR LANDING BEHIND ENEMY LINES AND SPENT THE REST OF THE BLOODY WAR IN CAPTIVITY!!! And don't try and tell me the drome was over run while he was in the air - I'm not buying it! Me thinks there is a slight programing problem somewhere, hmmm? Thanks for all you've done guys - never before have I enjoyed being tortured so much as I have with this sim... Best Regards, WWI Fying Ace

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