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  1. Changing the cockpit view angle

    Thanks! Using the snapview commands in new and a featue of 1.1 i guess. The trick i mean simply used a line in the cockpit.lua file IIRC. But if your trick works, then that would be just great! And reading the values there makes sense, cause in all plans, you are sitting too low by default. In real life, the pilots eyes have to be level with the center of the HUD, otherwise the HUD becomes unreadable, as they weren't built with a high degrees of view angle, like TFT monitors. Btw, the view angle is the FOV, i.e. like 60 degrees field of vision? Thereuse to be a FOV setting in the ingame options, which dissapeared. I will give it a try. Thanks alot.
  2. Hi folks, i know there a "fix" to raise the horizontal view angle for all planes but i forgot how and where. By default the pilot view in the F-15 is too low, i.e. you are looking directly at the upper edge of the front panel, instead to the center of the HUD. Having installed 1.1 it seems that the old trick (which i applied but can't find it anymore) doesn't work. All tips are appreciated. cheers
  3. Dog

    Posting images of new custom mods and teasing people with them all the time and OTOH not releasing them is pretty lame. I hate this: "Look what i got!" behaviour and bitching around. Boot him! ;) Btw, does someone have an idea why the menu on the left side at Checksix doesn't load? It used to load some months ago but had to reinstall WIindows. Now, all i am getting is a white empty menu window. Don't know what that could be cause all other sides work just fine.
  4. I hope so. If you are right, then i could simply copy the whole object folder over the fresh and patched install.
  5. The problem is that the aircraft data.inis will be changed in the patch. When you copy ll the old aircraft stuff over, you will have the roll inertia bug again i think. That would be a boomerang ;). I also thing that some terrain related stuff will be changes, in order to get rid of those blue triangles and general grafic glitches. I could copy the old inis of all the buildings over the clean ones. That wouldn't be a problem i guess. You can also copy the aircraft files over with the exception of the plane.ini and data.ini. I will then add the nose gear animation part by hand ( i haven't found the difference to te default nose gear entry, so i copied the whole entry over the default one), add the presaved entries for the skins into the plane.ini and change the LOD distances.
  6. Well, you are right ;). The other games aren't mod friendly. I don't mind either. I haven't changed that much. I can copy all the new planes just over together with the particlesystem.ini and the viewlist.ini. Then i change all the LOD distances for the planes and buildings and add the nose gear animations. That's it ;). Will take me 30 minutes.
  7. Why not? All other sims had patches which never required a fresh install. Can't be that hard to do then.
  8. Yes, that's the one ;).
  9. Tiwaz, do you have a website with all you skins available for download? I just saw a great F-4 Phantom skin of yours at SimHQ. It's a camo one with dark green spots. The picture shows the plane over the Euro terrain from the rear left. The F-4 looked like a C or D version.
  10. Looks cool heh :). Such options are available for some other views as well. Just take a look and change them at will.
  11. I have found another great setting which improves the external view (IMO). Change the line TrackObjectRoll=FALSE to TRUE. When you go to the external view and your plane upside down or at a high bank angle, the camera moves with the plane and it looks like as if you are looking at the plane from another plane flying side by side. Looks awesome, esp. in low level.
  12. Capun. Which entry is responsible for the flyby view? I'd like to make it last a little bit longer as well. Thanks!
  13. Fantastic! F-4C skins are very rare. Btw, where did you got that nice Sidewinder skin from?
  14. To get the external stores visible at all distances, you have to increase the LOD distances of the weapons and fuel tanks. Extract all ini files form the Object.Cat. Open the ini files and increase the LOD distances. I use 99999999 for the first LOD entry and the same number for all others as well. The point behind that is that when you use the distance number of the first LOD for all others, this object will be displayed with the highest detail at all distances. I did the same for all weapons, vehicles, buildings and planes. I think my externals are always visible, even when i zoom in. The only thing you can't change is that airport vacilities and the whole base dissapear at a certain distance, planes do the same. We can't change the max drawing distance yet.
  15. :) I saw that the AB can be slightly too thick within the engine on planes like the F-100 and F-4. I have changed the fist two numbers from 52 and 45 to 51 and 44. I have also set the drag factor from 20.00000 to 0.0000. I always wondered why the AB starts to bend when you move the plane. I never saw that in real life or an a video tape. No matter how fast you move the plane around, the AB always stays straight. When you set the drag factor to 0.0, this effect is almost not noticable anymore. I think this is the only effect the dragfactor has. Haven't noticed any side effects yet.

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