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    hunting , fishing , motorcycles , and my jeep
  1. splash screen problem

    thank u !! i will try that . again thanks for taking the time to try to help me ! have a great Easter day !
  2. splash screen problem

    yo bud ! thank you for your quick reply ! i had looked @ this , my monitor refresh rate is 60. i also play on line with no problems -- cfs3--eto--maw--solomon ---korean air war . they all work great . do u think there is a way i could go in the program and reduce the size of the start up screen ? thanks 4 your help ! have a nice day !!!!!!!!
  3. hi all ! i hope that someone can help me . i can not start off , it boots up ok , but all the controls buttons on the main page to enter the game are to far down to see . i have tried everything . ( phase 2 ) samsung 24 " t240 i7 ati (2) 4870 @ 1 gb each ddr5 ( crossfire ) 12 gb ram ddr3 ( 1800 ) 2 wd 640 hard drives trackir pro clip extreme 3d pro thanks for any help i get ! have a nice day !!

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