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  1. DVII skin- anyone know who it is?

    good one widow, any chance of gitting a copy of it ?
  2. Wartime footage

    makes me want to run right out and strap on some wood and canvas. " NOT"
  3. HPW's FM werks

    we all enjoy your wok, and are very interested. at least I am, !!!!!!!
  4. OFF P4

    i thought as much, but hey, it never hurts to hope. cheers fellows !!!
  5. OFF P4

    just read that P4 could be released as soon as two weeks. could this be true?
  6. Ernst Udet's LO!

    how good was Siemens-Schukert compaired to other planes, never heard of it before?
  7. skins

    thank-you polovski, this is why this forun, is and allways will be a good place to come.
  8. skins

    once again those Germans know best. many thanks Olham
  9. skins

    have paint shop pro 7 . when i try and open a skin, it says the file is not supported by this program. have read all the info here abut skinning, but can not find the answer. any info for a newbe,
  10. HPW's FM werks

    thanks for the Pfalz DIIIa change, i like and fly this plane and it is a bitch sometimes.
  11. help with skins

    thanks, git it to work this time.
  12. fellows is their a program that would allow me to look at every skin in OFF P3, i found an old post by Olham but the program from that post, would not work.. thanks.
  13. Bristol M1c Monoplane

    lets face facts, fellows, we all take what the modeling gods give us and they are truely deserving of that title. but it is still good to post some hops and dreams every once in a while.
  14. Bristol M1c Monoplane

    little used or known planes would be a good exspantion pack in the future.

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