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  1. I got my one skin: 668 "Death Wish" from the israeli 201 F-4E SQN Chack it Download the image from the link("Save target as") http://planet.nana.co.il/idanlove/images/img00011.jpg http://planet.nana.co.il/idanlove/images/img00023.jpg http://planet.nana.co.il/idanlove/images/img00004.jpg
  2. Airbase rework

    For the 1 who building new bases: Can you put more Trees around the them? Like a good Israeli Air Force base :twisted: Tree
  3. My uncl was a Mirage IIIC pilot in six-day war 8) he have one kill of SU-7. :twisted:
  4. ohhh... Plaese... 8) Give me some Mirage IIIC :twisted:
  5. Hello There is any chance thet SFP1 will include refuel possibility? I dream about this $hit... I am flow with my F-4E after a 707 tanker and sucking some fuel from him. BTW, My private F-4E from 201 SQN calld "death wish" No. 668 (The First F-4E-2000 "Kurnas 2000" in the IAF)
  6. BTW, there is any RAF F-4 Phantom skin? Like this one And one thing: Therer is any visrion of B-57 which is flyable? Tnx :!:

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