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  1. For what its worth(i.e not very much )heres my list-as im interested more in the early-mid 1950's scenario,you might see a pattern here... 1/Macchi 205 Veltro 2/C-47(believe one's being done?) 3/Spitfire MkIX upwards 4/Fiat G.59(It'll never happen,but I can dream,cant I?) 5/Westland Wyvern 6/AVIA S.199 7/Blackburn Firebrand 8/DH Hornet 9/RF-84 10/DH Sea Venom
  2. Agree about the G.91,fantastic little aircraft-especially the Y version! Whilst were talking about Italian aircraft we'd like to see in SF,can I suggest the FIAT G.59?The merlin-powered,bubble canopied,single-seat G.59-4A would be a great addition to the sim....
  3. Hi all, Have a slight problem,I dont seem able to select boresight mode on any of my aircraft I can switch between search/ground search modes,but try as I may,I just cannot get bore sight mode to work Im running SFP1 patch 3,with all the settings set to hard. Has anyone any suggestions??
  4. Yeah,id read that too.Sadly,the MiG pilots in SF dont appear to show the 104 the same level of respect :) Having said that,I did score my first kill in the F-104D last night-against a MiG-17 too!
  5. Yeah,I have to be honest,that would be my first choice.I usually prefer to stick to broadly speaking hitorical lines if I can.. Its actually been quite interesting trying to find suitable missions for the 104D-I think im right in saying that the F-104D never flew any combat missions in Vietnam?Maybe someone could tell me if im wrong on this one? But what I have been able to tell,is that the lack of gun puts the -D at a real dissadvantage in A2A situations and delivering A2G ordenance accuratly takes a great deal of skill(which I dont have at the mo :) )So recon looks to be the way to go... EDIT Just googled it and found out that the 479th TFW operated both F-104C and D's from 1965 onwards.
  6. Hi all, Just re-installed Strike fighters after nearly a year away from the sim and wow With some of the addons,this sim is now as good as ANY ive ever played! Anyways,ive decided that this time round,i'll dedicate myself to one aircraft type at a time,and become as a profficient(sp?) as I can on that partic plane. So my aircraft of choice this time is the F-104D two seater.Im flying mostly recon/armed recon/strike missions-and the aircraft is proving,erm,challenging Most of my missions are post '65 in a low A2A threat enviroment-but im struggling against SAM's. Is it worth adding chaff/flares/ECM to the Starfighter or stick with the stock setup for historical accuracy?Any thoughts?
  7. Ranger,will the "new" Sabre be compatible with existing skins F-86 skins?
  8. Hi all Im trying to add sidewinder hardpoints to the F-86,but despite my best efforts,ive hit a problem.After editing the data file the missiles appear,but no pylons :( [RightWingStationInboard] SystemType=WEAPON_STATION StationID=4 StationGroupID=3 StationType=EXTERNAL AttachmentPosition=1.54,2.22,-1.0 AttachmentAngles=0.0,0.0,0.0 LoadLimit=250.0 AllowedWeaponClass=IRM AttachmentType=NATO,USAF ModelNodeName=Right_Wing_Inner_Pylon PylonMass=30 This is the right hand side pylon section from my data file.Ive tried a number of different pylon combinations(NATO and Soviet),but nothing appears.Its probably something stupid im not doing,but I cant figure out what :?:
  9. Excellant work! I must have really missed the bus on this one,where did the 'winder rails come from :?:Is there an weapons pack for the 86 available :?:
  10. Thanks for the help,everyone.Will give it a go,and hope it works :D
  11. [Decal022] MeshName=VertTail DecalLevel=2 DecalFacing=RIGHT FilenameFormat=234 Sqdn/tailcode Position=-4.731,1.853 Rotation=0.0 Scale=1.25 DecalMaxLOD=3 Ive tried naming the decal tailcode000 and 001,but neither seem to work.I notice a number of d/loaded skins have a numbers file,and im wondering if this is the prob ie my lack of one :o
  12. Could be a subject already covered,but... Im trying to add a single-letter tailcode decal to the F-86.Ive created the decal,positioned it correctly and checked it shows up OK,using the DECAL LEVEL 0 setting. The problem is,when I change the level setting to 2,the decal dosnt show :( Could it be that because I havent made more than one decal yet,they wont show as aircraft numbers?
  13. Thanks for the pointer,Zorro.Looks like this has been something of a recurring problem,judging by the number of threads at simhq!
  14. Thanks for the pointer,Zorro.Looks like this has been something of a recurring problem,judging by the number of threads at simhq!
  15. Thanks for everyones help on this subject.On another matter........ I dont seem to be able to zoom in as close on the fitter as I can on other aircraft.Is this a LOD problem?also,is it possible to add flares/chaff to aircraft that dont have them :?:

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