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  1. Thanks , I think I got it . Does this look right ?
  2. Also do I use part 1 and 2 ? or the reworked terrain files ?
  3. I am having trouble figuring out how to install this mod.... 3. Installation -please read carefully: Backup your GermanyCE folder, in case something goes wrong! Best would be to use this mod as an addition to Nato Fighters 4+ by Column5 and the Team. Extract this package (BOTH parts of it!) to a place of your choice, and then copy/move GermanyCE folder into your "game mod patch"/terrain folder, overwrite when asked Doing so you should have new folders created in your GermanyCE directory, Fall Hard Winter Spring Winter -these folders includes time of the year specific texturesets together with new summer files in root GermanyCE. OK I read the FAQ about the mod folder , but I don't have a terrain folder In my Strike Fighters2 directory all I have is a GermanyCE.cat file ?? How do I install this ??
  4. Thanks, essentially it is just practice :)
  5. CCIPs I understand perfectly, I am trying to figure out how to dumb bomb in something like the F-100 ? Is there a guide somewhere ?
  6. I have been flight simming for a while, mostly with LOMAC and IL-2 (and Falcon / Janes series , F-15 Strike eagle all the way back to the C64) I must say I never picked up on the SF series at all. Which one should I get first , I am thinking Europe so I can get expansion pack 2 for my quad core system ? It does not look like there is a gold version with all of them packed together :(

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