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  1. Lots of mods going on for SFP1. I am somewhat new to this sim. Flew the Walmart version and was disappointed. Found this one for $14.95 at Best Buy and I've been on a roll ever since. Hope to see the Draken in the future..... Jib01 :thumbup:
  2. Things are kinda slow right now with CFS3. We are waiting for the new Terrain SDK as well as some answers to some small issues relating to the FFB2 joystick and the ability to use Track-IR with CFS3. A new Beta2 mission builder is available but use with caution. If you have too many mods it seems to have a problem. Works great with a virgin install with the patch. Hope to see some activity here in the future.... Regards Jib01
  3. I am not supposed to give the exact location because the moderator does not want posts with the pointers. You can download music files from the Downloads section of Sim-Outhouse. The early ones are just the takeoff, Inflight and Crash music routines for each country. The later ones are essentially Inflight radio files that have switches built in that sound like you are switching the station for a new music selection. I have had good response. Hope some of you here have already downloaded them. Regards Jib01

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