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  1. http://www.s77th.com The Savage 77th squadron is currently seeking New Members who want to fly as a team in various complicated online 'Campaign' scenarios we are looking for the following. you must be flying the current version of lock on flaming cliffs 1.12a New members from Europe / UK interested in mud movers A-10 / Su-25 & SU-25T New Members from the USA/Canada who interested in large scale navy operations with the SU-33 New Members from anywhere who are interested in complex hard missions & co-operative teamplay flying any plane Please visit http://www.s77th.com and compleate the enlistment form. if you meet our requirements for potential membership you will be interviewed. the following is our squadron creed. We at the "Savage 77th" (S77th) hereby set forth the following axioms and requirements for membership: Maturity Fellowship Enjoyment Teamwork Education Commitment Style ********************* Maturity Chronological age is of no significance - the ability to "play well with others" is. Enough said. Fellowship A key point. Meeting others of a like mind (passion!) is a benefit that can extend beyond the Virtual World. Enjoyment Though we do take this hobby seriously, we're out to have fun. This is the most important point. Teamwork We're not about endlessly, mindlessly, gunning each others brains out. As in the real world, no one individual can survive, or hope to accomplish, a particular mission alone. Working as a team; from administrative duties (maintaining our home site, documents, news, etc); to supporting your "buds" in the air, is a priority. Our missions include air-to-air, air-to-ground, and a combination of both (combined Ops). If you prefer to go it alone then we don't need you. As Iceman said, "Never, ever, leave your wingman". Education This pastime simulates a very complex and dynamic environment; that of a military combat pilot. In doing so we gain some insight and appreciation of the skills & dedication they must posses. However, our goal expands upon this to include educating those new to the Combat Flight Simulator experience. The "Newbie" you nurture in today's training hop may be the next voice for enthusiasts like us all, brining new people into this fascinating world. This can only be of benefit. Commitment Participation is a must. Our "Standards", defined by this credo, mention nothing about ability (to fly certain aircraft at a specific level of skill). This collection of people may be likened to your company's softball team, or any intramural, amateur, athletic group. We want enjoy ourselves for certain. We want to WIN! Various inter and intra-Command competitions will be held, pitting the skills of the "Savages" against all comers. If you participate in regular training flights/missions you will get your chance - no one that participates will "ride the bench". Style Style you say? I could substitute "professionalism" here but, obviously no one is getting paid for any of this. By "Style" we mean the manner in which you apply all of the pervious points. Flying around by yourself; not participating when able; cheating.has no Style. When we stress, for instance, formation flying practice we do so because we want to "look good around the home drome". An underlying goal of the Savage 77th is to create an organization (of volunteers for sure) that would make someone who does this for a living feel right at home, should they decide to come "play" with us. They should immediately recognize the procedures and tactics employed as being, if not 100-percent accurate, representative. Check-Six! (p.s if you decided to rip off our creed and put it on your site, please credit us with the writing of it!)
  2. last 24 hours for sign ups if you want to win your flaming cliffs fill out the form today.
  3. GOOD EVERNING. http://www.lockon.ru has kindly sponsored a tournament for us this tournament will enable those who otherwise not be able to buy Lock On flaming cliffs 1.1 due to various reason a chance of winning it. what do you need to enter this tournament ? 1. you must have lock on version 1.02 patched with lomacleague competetion mod.( mod patch will be provided upon entry) 2. you must be able to play ONLINE through hyperlobby. 3. you must be to attend the event on saturday 18th of June at 9pm GMT ( USA EASTERN 5pm ) 4. you must not have already flaming cliffs 1.1 5. players will compete in BVR, HEATERS ONLY and GUNZ ONLY fights. THE PRIZE!. 1st 2nd and 3rd places will recieve a pre activated lock on flaming cliffs 1.1 account at http://www.lockon.ru where you can download 1.1 please fill out this form accuratly and completely. http://www.lomacleague.com/tournamententry.php if you meet the requirements you will recieve an email confirming your entry into the tournament. if you have a spam filter please enable Dante@lomacleague.com to guarentee email delivery.
  4. Excelent idea jeff. Post #41
  5. Mission Breifing Saturday 14th Russian Forces have learned about the Troop Build up in the Crimea. & have sent 3wings of their Finest Mig-29s's Escorted by a wing of Su27's to intercept and destroy the C17's C130's An74's that are in bound to kerch Airfield. RED: Mig29S Intercept and Destroy Transport planes in the air & on the ground as they are unloading. Mission Success if all 8 transports are destroyed BLUE: F15's 27th Fighting Eagles Squadron have been deployed to patrol & ensure the safe arrival of escort transport planes. at mission start you are at 30000ft with 75% fuel left. Remaining Squadron of F15's Launch from Foudeasya and are to patrol over Kerch Airfield protecting the Strip from Air to Ground Attacks. mission success if any transports survive the feared onslaught.
  6. i will put map friendlies on to increase & encourage teamwork i may also next week provide a public voice comms server (will see about that if i have time) we had a small issue with server, it locked up after the su-25's had destroyed a dozen tanks. (or so) MISSION DEBRIEF. what a disaster. What started out as joint excersies in the ukrain has lead to all out hostilites. those canadians were right, haveing russian forces & american forces so close together was dangerous. Nobody Really knows WHO FIRED THE FIRST SHOTS but it has started something that wont be stopped.! The Ukraine Federation has called for more US troops & and tank units to be Deployed in the region Stating the russian instigators must be driven back into the stone age. Next Weeks Mission Saturday 8pm est BLUE DEFEND. US F15's Must Defend a Convoy of C-17 & C-130 inbound to Kerch. mission Success/partial success = win for blue, Fail = win for Red
  7. Earlier this Week we tested out our OC-192 Server with Lomac with great success. On Each Saturday @ 8pm Eastern time we will be hosting a Massive Multiplayer Online Campaign In Hyperlobby which will evolve Air 2 Air & Air 2 Ground Roles. Each mission will be Based on the calculated result of the mission of the previous week. This Saturdays Mission: Game Settings: Padlock On, G-Effects On, Recover On, Map view On 'Player only' everything else OFF Blue Coalition: F15 (Fighter Sweep) Su27 (CAP) & A-10 (CAS) Red Coalition: Su33 (CAP) Mig29S(Fighter Sweep) Mig29A (Escort) Su25 (CAS) Ground Threats, Shilkas Stralas, vulcan Storyline: USA & Ukraine are conducting war games in a joint effort on the Crimean peninsula Russia has deployed its forces to the region in an aggressive move to observe its neighbors war games and conducting exercises of her own. Canadian Forces in the region are concerned about having Both Forces in such Close proximity using live munitions could be extremely dangerous. If you would like to Help with the writing of missions for the server Please contact me on Dante@maddog-simulations.com Also we now have 2 North American Ladder Competitions Open For both the Hard Core Simulation junkies & the Arcade Flight players visit Visit Maddog-simulations.com I would like to encourage All Squadrons to create a team and participate in the Mad Dog Fighting ladders as it is run by Virtual Pilots FOR Virtual pilots we understand the needs of your squadron & the complexities of the game.
  8. Looking For Lomac & Fb Pilots Of Mature Age

    Salute to all those who have inquired & joined. !!
  9. We are looking for Vitrtual Pilots To join our fun filled squadron. here is some video footage of myself flying around in lock on demo http://maddog-simulations.com/lo_videos/D-Lomac_vid.wmv :D and some other video of forgotten battles http://www.maddog-simulations.com/fb_video...-august2003.wmv the famous tunnel vid by KMA (we get asked about this video in games) http://www.maddog-simulations.com/fb_videos/Tunnel77.wmv Requirements: Be 21 Years or Older. Have ICQ instant messanger www.icq.com Be able to attend regular events @ 8pm EST BroadBand Connection prefered. Microphone & Fullduplex Sound card must not be in any other squad/clan If you meet the requirements feel free to send me an EMAIL dante@maddog-simulations.com Members From USA Prefered. We do accept members from Australia New Zealand & Canada Look forward to hearing from you -Dante
  10. Spectre looking good in his Eagle The three of us in Swift's. On Matt's wing On Matt's wing again after liftoff Inbound to the IP Following Matt on a strafing run On Matt's wing during approach chat interface Aaron coming in behind to park Proper parking although someone lost his canopy on take off What a blast formation flying in Swift MiG-29's And the results of Shepski trying to type, get close, and chew gum at the same time And lastly, the result of playing follow the leader, with the wrong leader
  11. review (n. general survey of events or a subject; reconsideration; cerimonial inspection of troops, report assesing the mertits of book or play{game}. v.t make or write a review - a reviewer) multiplayer features. air 2 air refuel in multi both with nato & vvs difference between basket system and refuel boom . kuznetsov operations (tho limited i know) in multi multi player 'recover' like in flanker (but back at waypoint 1) possibility of recover back at airport in take off or taxi way positions. or back at lauch 1,2,3 or parked position on kuznetsov perhaps a 'flight lesson' teach us how to land safely (ok i know but hey there are some new people out there im not 1 but ...for them) just some thaughts...
  12. ive been wondering mj would get to preview lomac. i look forward to seeing and reading your review.
  13. Looking for a Few More Good Men.

    daylight would of been to easy, i have a track of a zero visibility 'fog' carrier landing if that interest you send me your email. u need f25 to play it tho.
  14. Greetings. The Savage 77th ( S77th- ) Lock On Squadron is offering new memberships. We fly both NATO and Russian Aircraft. Below is a link to a Video that i recently recorded. I hope it will inspire you to inquire about the S77th. it is 9mb in size. http://members.optusnet.com.au/maddog-simu...S77th_video.wmv If you would like to join or know more about the S77th & our mission please send myself an email dante20@optusnet.com.au
  15. http://lockon.ubisoft.de/warstory/War_Story_2.html makes a good read...... :shock:

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