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  1. System Specs: P4 2.4c (at 3.0 GHz), ASUS V9950 Ultra (Fx5900 Ultra based) 256 MB, 1 GB Corsair RAM 8x AA, 4x AF The frame rates were pretty low at these settings. This configuration was intended for screenshots only. I'll play at around 1024x768 or a little higher. I had all video options maxed as well. I also know that I have the Mavericks loaded on the wrong stations. They are currently at 10 and 2 and I have since moved them to 3 and 9. Ignore that minor issue and enjoy the view. I did the modifications to the Mission file myself. Pretty easy to figgure it all out. (add clouds, Mavericks, Time of Day, Warthog Skin and clouds)
  2. MrMudd, Can you please put up the A-10 refueling mission? I have part 1 and 5 and would love to get 2,3, and 4. Can you put the full file up on your CH site so there is only 1 file available? I really enjoyed watching part 1 and 5 and would love to see more! I know you mentioned it would be up at some point and I thought I'd nag ya a little. (nagging works for my wife so I thought I'd try it out) Also, do you have any new videos under way? You certainly are great at doing them! You should do a voice-over in a video as part of a review..
  3. Hey MrMudd, Your Eagle video in the thunderstorm was outstanding (as usual). It really made me appreciate just how difficult it can be to fly/land in bad weather in LOMAC. I am certainly looking forward to seeing your other videos! I have part 1 and 5 of the A-10 series and look forward to seeing what happens after takeoff and before landing :) Keep them comming!!!!
  4. I agree! I had aksed a while back if Eagle Dynamics would consider including some sort of built-in Benchmark track which we could use to compare system performance. I never heard back unfortunately. B) I hope you get some great answers from those who know!
  5. Not a problem! We're LOMAC fans so we know all about patience .. 8) Take your time, get RL in order because that's the priority, and do your usual great job when you have the time. I was just curious because I hadn't heard anything about it and wanted to know if it was still planned.. Thanks again for the update!
  6. It's been quite a while since the additional part(s) of the preview were going to be put up. I understand that real life caused a delay but I was wondering if there are plans to complete the previews for us all to drool over. You guys do outstanding previews and really hit on the stuff that others miss that is of interest to the sim community. There was going to be something "special" for the weekend back then that was going to be the culmination of the previous parts of the preview over the week.
  7. Glad to hear this MrMudd. I hope you guys set the standard and we get a chance to see some big videos (i.e. good duration, high quality) come out this way! A great client I use is Shadow's Experimental Bittorrent Client which can be found at this link http://bt.degreez.net/ Of course any Torrent Client works!
  8. Have you guys ever thought of using BitTorrent? It's the latest and (IMHO) greatest Filesharing P2P out there. As soon as someone starts to download, they start sharing what they have downloaded and so it grows that way. I am surprised this is not used more often by companies who want to share demos and videos. id set up a Torrent for Enemy Territory and it worked well..
  9. Any news on when the remainder of the preview will be out on Biohaz? I really enjoyed what I've seen thus far and look forward to parts 2 and 3!
  10. There's a thread on the Lo-MAC forums with a link to a new video which was released at the Games Convention in Germany. Follow the link and grab the video. It's pretty sweet. Shows a lot of stuff not yet seen in previous videos and its quality is a little higher than what's been released thus far. It's a little large (90 MB) but well worth it. http://forums.ubi.com/messages/message_vie...mac_gd&id=zvwou
  11. In case you haven't checked at the official site, there's a new video released by RJester. It's an awesome video showing lot's of Air to ground and Surface to air and Surface to Surface action. I won't give details other than it rocks. I thought the opening scenes were shot from real life footage. (these guys have outdone themselves as far as quality goes!) ftp://ftp.ubisoft.com/games/lomac/media/jet-movie.zip
  12. [Hey MadJeff, As with your screenshots, you've done Very Well with this preview! You look at the stuff that we want and tell it like it is! Awesome job! Can I make one request? Can you make the images on the preview clickable so we can get a larger version? (i.e. thumbnail them into the preview). Some of the pictures were a little too small to see details (on my 21" monitor). :shock: I'm eagerly awaiting your thoughts on the many aspects of the sim!
  13. As usual, awesome pictures MaddJeff! Hope you plan on doing a video of some good CAS action! A nice 6+ minute video along the lines of what Check Six did recently will do but shoing the A-10 and other Aircraft in action against some enemy positions. Preceeded by TLAM's from a B1 or Ship followed by SEAD and the strike packages.. Total Chaos! Perhaps simulat a downed pilot rescue by some helos with A-10's providing CAS in the background.. (drool, slobber)
  14. I made and obervation and posted my thougths. Your post was fair. You stated your points, and were mature about it. I respect that and thank you for your feedback. Please see my final comment on Lo-Mac. I ended it with a positive comment. I am sure you spent countless hours on your rebuttal Seawolf. See above about mature posts. Well, I respect that people will say what they feel and your last point in the original post was not lost on me. This was the last board I came to after having read so many people picking on points that don't merrit discussion due to the fact that this is a flight sim (so I was a little jaded). The battlefield needs to look chaotic when you see it (briefly on your attack runs then perhaps in the rear-view mirrors as you exit the area quickly). The Dev team has put in a phenominal amount of work on the small details while striving to maintin a reasonable frame-rate (so I don't imagine the smoke's gonna blow or linger as long as some would like to see but in the end, you'll see some smoke comming from stuff you just blew up and that will satisfy the majority out there) The explosions looked beyond great! Imagine seeing that stuff going up as iwe saw in the video when you're rolling in on a battlefield behind another flight which just laid waste to the Air Defence and some other targets! I am worried that I'll be too stunned at the viisual feast before me that I'll fly myself into the ground! :shock: Regardless, I am sure you and I and everyone else will agree that this is the best flight sim yet once we start flying in it!
  15. Regarding the bad point.. Are you serious? Some of the explosions were identical..?? Who cares! This is a flight sim (not a real life video). There HAS to be similarities with stuff like that. Remember, you'll be flying along killing that stuff on the ground which will be in sight briefly until you turn away.. I doubt that you'll be noticing stuff like identical explosions.. Sheesh! Some people need to nit-pick less on unimportant issues and just enjoy what they see. Honestly, it's like you were LOOKING for something to complain about. I'm not attacking you but I disagree with the things that people spend time picking over.. Keep it all in context. This is a FLight Sim, not a movie maker. Stuff will be flying past you at a great speed several hundred feet below your aircraft.

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