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  1. Jane's USAF #1 CD for this game.

    Hi Doghouse. My email address is. piperjohn1@bigpond.com Send me an email so we can start the ball rolling. Many many thanks for your help. John
  2. Hi all. I wanting to buy the #1 CD for Jane's USAF combat sim. as I broke the #1 CD and cannot play the game any more. Can any body help here. Cheers Driveaxel
  3. Hi, I'm new and my first post. But looking for the Jane's USAF to buy as I for some unknown reason my #1 CD was on the floor and I rolled my chair over it and yes stuffed it. So I'm on the look out for a #1CD if any body has one. Ok what I found to be able to play this game on my PC was down load the patch from www.FilePlanet.com and look for the patch Jane's USAF V1.02 and click on download file, A new window will be shown and then click on Free Public Service. Then again a new window. that yellow thing that goes a cross the the bottom of your top tool bar click to ok and again new window and click where it shows and download. and click after it has on the blue > and it will find the file in your system and fix it. Now you may have too register. as you have registered there will be a few words saying not paying now or some thing like that click on that close down the web site. Open IE and type in the search bar Jane's USAF patch and when that goes to the new window scroll down till you see FilePlanet and click on it and you will see the first bit I talked about downloading the file. Good luck. Any one got a spare #1 CD of USAF?????????? Thanks Driveaxel

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