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  1. OT--Loose as a Goose

    Ah, Bullethead you old wacko you, I knew there was something about you that I felt akin to. I was also a FedEx driver for several years. I was a swing driver, I dunno if you have those at your station, but a swing driver in the city is misery. D: The only time I ever thought a dog would be the death of me was when I was walking up to a house with an open garage, and I was looking at the package and typing on my tracker. When I looked up there was a massive pit bull in the garage and it took me a bit by surprise and I hesitated, and the damn dog just comes charging out at me, teeth barred, all ready to give an oral exam to my most life-sustaining fleshy parts. I remember thinking "well f***, I'm going to die." And about 5 feet from me, the chain that was thankfully hooked to its collar ran out of slack and stopped the dog in its tracks. Then it was all barks and slobber and teeth gnashing, and the owner came out saying the usual bulls**t "oh he's nice, oh he's not going to hurt anyone, oh blah blah blah my little angel, etc." I told him his dog was going to kill me. Really actually kill me. He told me I was overreacting, and was kind of a dick. I told him I couldn't complete a delivery with such a dangerous dog so took the package back into the truck with me and drove off. People should be nice to their FedEx drivers.
  2. Lost kills

    You're lucky that your crew even engaged. Can't count the number of times my wingies have been unable to catch the enemy BE2c formations. Fokker Eindeckers flown by AI just don't have the performance. BTW the best way to kill a BE2c is to come at it from behind and to the side, flying the the same direction as it is. Then stamp rudder towards him, so swing the nose around, and use opposite bank to keep your sights on him. You now have an unobstructed view of both crew members and the engine. You can kill both crew and flame the plane with about 25 shots.
  3. Viewed, enjoyed, and recognized as easy prey for a Camel :)
  4. cheating just a tad...

    Haha :D How did the fighters like the cannon shells?
  5. Get on your Spitfire t-shirts!

    Don't think for a minute I would forsake the Hurri! It just happens to be that I really do have a Spitfire t-shirt, thus my reference to it! :P
  6. It's September 15, Battle of Britain day! Strap into your Spits and Hurricanes and give it to Fritz.
  7. Beer thread!

    I go on a trip for a few days and when I come back I find this holy thread buried deep in the bowels of forum. For shame, gentlemen, for shame.
  8. Beer thread!

    Which can be described only as heaven. Currently in the fridge is the previously mention Maui coconut, along with Old Rasputin's Imperial, and Sierra Nevada Southern Harvest Ale in a 20oz bottle. Looking forward to prying that one open.
  9. Beer thread!

    Broadside, I actually work at the SFO airport and I've never had Anchor Steam! I've seen it many a time, however, and I've thought about getting it, but I've always gone for something else. I'll definitely give it a try now though. :)
  10. Beer thread!

    Dej, ^I'm bloody-well sold. Send me a case! Also, I just looked up a larger picture of the Spitfire beer, and at the bottom of the label it says "THE BOTTLE OF BRITAIN." God strike me pink, what cleverness. A beer you can laugh with, instead of at, is marvelous.
  11. Beer thread!

    Do you drink anything other than Pils? Every enjoy a Stout or an Ale? Maybe one of those trappist beers from Belgium.
  12. That's what I did. I had good success with 12 kills, though if you want to be greedy you could probably kill 40 or more, flying twice a day. I flew all November, took leave for all December, came back in January - shot down in flames - 48 days to recover - came back for a week - shot down again, out for another 2 weeks. I attacked a formation of 6 Nieuport 11s against my better judgment and was lucky enough not to die during the encounter. Fuel tank with more holes than a cheese grater, wings, tailplanes, engine all shot to bits, put her down in a field. Nieuports hadn't seen me before I jumped them, and what I should have done was kept on going the other way. "Go right home and don't talk to any strangers" as they say. I took someone's suggestion from these forums and skip 1 day for every point of damage I take to my pilot during the flight.
  13. Beer thread!

    Yes, and they get their cherries via air-freight. We (United) send about 20,000 pounds of cherries from SFO to HNL every day.
  14. Beer thread!

    So what does beer have to do with flight sim? Everything! I've long said the one thing flight simming has over real flying is that you can get tanked to your heart's content. Now I'm not a beer snob, but am somewhat selective. This week's find is Maui Brewing's Coconut Porter. Dark, delicious, interesting, not what you might call refreshing, but well worth the price considering it's imported from Hawaii. Post your favourite beers and enrich the beer knowledge of everyone else!
  15. May 1916? You'd better watch out. The Nieuports will be along soon and then you're meat.

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