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  1. Thank you for this Mod, I love it! My first download for ages!
  2. I suppose it won't help, but I just want to say I had no prob unpacking with 7-Zip 9.20...
  3. I'm pretty sure it won't work Unfortunately the lower LODs have to share exactly the same Node Names, or else they won't show up...
  4. I fully agree. While fiddling with various FM, I was always thinking how usefull such a tool would be!
  5. Normal or Hard FM?

    I for one use only and always "Hard". If a plane behave poorly in hard mode, it get edited or deleted
  6. To be honest: that Viggen is really a mess and isn't worth a download. Now I know that Honesty isn't in vogue today... so please start a storm against me
  7. I can confirm that now I can open the original LODs from the .cat file. This tool is so far already bloody awesome! Thank you mue
  8. Great Vids! If I did't already had this game, I would buy it straight away
  9. The rebuilding of the F-106A is actually very well on its final straight... but there is this Weapon Bay Animation which is driving me crazy I set the Weapon Stations like this: [GenieStation] SystemType=WEAPON_STATION StationID=1 StationGroupID=1 StationType=INTERNAL AttachmentPosition=0.0, 1.70, -0.05 AttachmentAngles=0.0,-1.15,0.0 LoadLimit=900 AllowedWeaponClass=AHM AttachmentType=USAF BombBayAnimationID=7 BombBayOpenTime=0.8 BombBayCloseTime=1.4 AutomaticDoors=TRUE ModelNodeName= MinExtentPosition=-0.65, 4.95,-0.75 MaxExtentPosition=0.65, 2.40, 0.00 SpecificStationCode=AIR2 [FrontMissileStation] SystemType=WEAPON_STATION StationID=2 StationGroupID=2 StationType=INTERNAL AttachmentPosition=0.0,0.0,0.0 AttachmentAngles=0.0,-1.15,0.0 NumWeapons=2 AttachmentPosition001=-0.44, 3.49,-0.24 AttachmentPosition002=0.44, 3.49,-0.24 LoadLimit=600 AllowedWeaponClass=SAHM AttachmentType=USAF ModelNodeName=LeftFrontPylon MovingPylon=TRUE RotatingPylon=FALSE BombBayAnimationID=7 BombBayOpenTime=0.8 BombBayCloseTime=1.4 AutomaticDoors=TRUE MinExtentPosition=-0.65, 4.95,-0.75 MaxExtentPosition=0.65, 2.40, 0.00 PylonMass=55 PylonDragArea=0.02 SpecificStationCode=AIM4 [RearMissileStation] SystemType=WEAPON_STATION StationID=3 StationGroupID=3 StationType=INTERNAL AttachmentPosition=0.0,0.0,0.0 AttachmentAngles=0.0,-1.15,0.0 NumWeapons=2 AttachmentPosition001=-0.43, 0.92,-0.21 AttachmentPosition002=0.43, 0.92,-0.21 LoadLimit=600 AllowedWeaponClass=IRM AttachmentType=USAF ModelNodeName=LeftRearPylon MovingPylon=TRUE RotatingPylon=FALSE BombBayAnimationID=7 BombBayOpenTime=0.8 BombBayCloseTime=1.4 AutomaticDoors=TRUE MinExtentPosition=-0.65, 4.95,-0.75 MaxExtentPosition=0.65, 2.40, 0.00 PylonMass=55 PylonDragArea=0.02 SpecificStationCode=AIM4 As you see I plan to use the Flag "AutomaticDoors" so the bay will automatically open every time you squeeze a missile. Now the problem is that all three Stations refer to the same AnimationID (as they use the same bay...) and then just ONLY ONE of the three station will show the animation, the other two will fire without opening the doors. In this case it is the Station3 for IRM Falcons, which is the last one in the list (coincidence?). I really tried a LOT of different configurations, but now it seems to me, there is no way to assign the same Animation to different Weapon Stations... though I'm sure a while back it was possible, don't ask me when this has changed though... Anyone knowing another way to this goal?
  10. I'd rather say, you did not understand my point To run successful CA you don't need a million kids trying to download their games for free... you need some adult costumers willing to spend some money for their beloved game. But since TW isn't selling anything new for ages, this kind of customers is vanishing, as they are now buying something else That's all I wanted to say.
  11. I don't want to be pessimistic, but let's face it: this discussion is going on since three days and barely 20 people really paid attention and attended the discussion. This is the status of interest in CA... sorry to say (and to see!!!) that. This business is changing, TW is changing... and I really would hate to see you and Erik to get into debt for something it will never be what it once was... I hope nobody feels offended by my statement... Danilo
  12. I just made a (small... ) PayPal donation. But let us be honest: in the long term the only plan will work is to charge a fee for (big) downloads
  13. Wow! I like it very much... I love the Vigi
  14. Well I want Beer! I can't believe nobody mentioned this so far! Did I just say, I'd rather had Beer instead of Jessica Alba???
  15. My best wishes for your health! I'll have a prayer for you. Gute Besserung...
  16. Get well soon Mr. Terraformer!
  17. The problem isn't the poly count of the A-Lod itself, the matter is that in an air battle the 27000 triangles are rendered up to a distance of 10000m, because you don't have efficient, low poly B- and C-Lods... If you consider how many F1s probably are in the radius of 10Km... you have the picture But please don't take this as a criticism, thta's now just a technical discussion
  18. Oh after all no reason to feel sorry. I know that freeware is not a Wishing Well I think my bottle neck is my video card ATI HD4800 (1GB) Neither the one nor the others installed here... you guess why... Danilo
  19. I know you won't like this feedback... but that's how it is: These Mirage F1 are really killing my FPS performance... textures are too big and Distance LODs are missing! I can resize the textures, but there is nothing I can do about the LODs. Sadly, but I am going to uninstal all F1s
  20. Have you checked this? July 2013 Effects Hot Fix (See TK post in that thread... )
  21. By the way Carlo, some time ago I saw the previews of unreleased skins for the japenese F-104J... Do you think you are going to release them too some day?

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