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  1. Misc

  2. Sorry for the odd counter question: but why don't you load the model in the LODViewer? You'll get a lot of interesting informations...
  3. Screenshots

    Folder for the Screenshot Threads
  4. Cruddy Mondays

    The last Gunfighter
  5. If you know the game, you know how it ends...
  6. Seeing ist has 2 pylons per wing, it has to be an F-104S? And so nothing to do with Luftwaffe...
  7. I am very liking your F-16A Mods... So in the hope of not sounding like a smartass, you may consider to add these few corrections in the *Data.ini. [Sound] ... StallsoundName=F16stwrn ("Name" is missing) [LeftStab] ParentComponentName=Fuselage ModelNodeName=elevator_left ... MinExtentPosition= -2.82,-5.98,-0.26 MaxExtentPosition= -1.06,-3.75,-0.10 ... [RightStab] ParentComponentName=Fuselage ModelNodeName=elevator_right ... MinExtentPosition= 2.82,-5.98,-0.26 MaxExtentPosition= 1.06,-3.75,-0.10 ... (this will add the Hit Boxes for the elevators... check with Mue's viewer)
  8. If it's a matter of: it looks good in Mue's LodViewer but do not works in game, then maybe you save the TGA file with the wrong parameters... E.g. compressed (wrong) vs incompressed (good). I also had similar issues...
  9. Galaxy def... ehr... Fleet Defender! Fox 3!

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