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  1. I'm very happy with this update, the least I can do is to write a Thank You! But take this just as a Bug Report: me too I don't seem to be able to load decals with DecalLevel=0...
  2. It's been a long time now and I am not sure what it really means, but I found a notice of mine in my MOD folder: "lower LODs have to share exactly the same Node Names, or else they won't show up " I hope it helps somehow...
  3. Wings Over Vietnam

    I still have mine laying in my shelf! Though I really should consider to finally get rid of them...
  4. Thank you for this Mod, I love it! My first download for ages!
  5. I suppose it won't help, but I just want to say I had no prob unpacking with 7-Zip 9.20...
  6. I'm pretty sure it won't work Unfortunately the lower LODs have to share exactly the same Node Names, or else they won't show up...
  7. I fully agree. While fiddling with various FM, I was always thinking how usefull such a tool would be!
  8. Normal or Hard FM?

    I for one use only and always "Hard". If a plane behave poorly in hard mode, it get edited or deleted

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