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  1. CVW-3 early in the morning at sunrise in Sweden. And don't ask ME what they are doing there
  2. Screenshots

    Folder for the Screenshot Threads
  3. I can tell it by your Loadout, it was surely VERY slow... Mandatory:
  4. I just put my dumb a$$ in front of his lucky nose right in the moment when he took off... It must have been the shortest intercept mission of the history Instead I should have escorted the Thunderchiefs... but you can see how it ended...
  5. The distance where M2 Machineguns start being effective...
  6. Jeee... not that word! I would go for China vs Vietnam... but which one should I shot down then? Anyway: happy new Year everybody!
  7. Cruddy Mondays

    I just thought, these two belong in the "Cruddy Monday" thread! Over the skies of Kamchatka...
  8. Do you have those entries in your "Textureset.ini" ? DecalNumberRandomize=TRUE DecalNumberBlockSize=12 DecalNumberStart=0 DecalNumberEnd=11
  9. Super Sunday

    Let's go and drop some old fashioned dumb bombs...
  10. Well mate: "wingman" means that YOU should cover ME! And don't even think this is a confirmed kill: these things are really tough! BTW... double swing wing screenshots...
  11. Decals has to be saved as uncompressed TGA file format... (And obviously using an Alpha transparency layer)
  12. Hi Mate! I just tried to write this down in a PM to keep this private... but you do not allow PM... so here it is. I saw that you just released another two new packs for the F-106... which a was glad to see. But this time I can't resist to remind you, that you still keep using a lot of decals made by me for the first SF2 release of the F-106, without giving me credit at all... which is a bit sad... The Decals I am talking about are the Tail insignia of the following squadrons: 27th 49th 84th 94th 95th 318th This is just what I saw at first glance, as I am obviously not willing to check everything These was made by me from scratch... I still have the original layered Paint Shop Pro files... So you may consider to reassess your Credit politics... if you like. Stay well and have a nice week! DaniloE31

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