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  1. There is a Sukhoi in that Pic, I swear!
  2. Phinally Phriday! Gun only Kill of the VF-92. I love Navy Phantoms...
  3. Screenshots

    Folder for the Screenshot Threads
  4. A MIM-14 Hercules chasing a MiG-17A
  5. Thank you Sir! I love the Vigi... is a great Plane for Naval_SEAD
  6. Thank you for the explication Oh... those Il-28 can be pain to intercept...
  7. But you could also leave the weapons as they are meant to be
  8. You are looking for an improved manner to die?
  9. Hard to believe, that after 10 years there is to me still something worth a download for the F-4 Phantom But I did... and I am having some fun with it. Thank you!
  10. There was many words of criticism here about TK attitude... (the most deservedly ). So now it's time to say a word of thank: indeed I' ve got the link for SF2_Complete and to date I even didn't had all parts (I was missing SF2I).
  11. You surely installed unwittigly a TracerXXX.tga file in your /Objects root folder
  12. I just found out that there is something going on here! So I did my donation of a Blue € Bill The time frame is ridiculously short... and I even haven't fired up the game for weeks. But I'm sure I wasted my money in the past in many worse ways
  13. I'm very happy with this update, the least I can do is to write a Thank You! But take this just as a Bug Report: me too I don't seem to be able to load decals with DecalLevel=0...
  14. It's been a long time now and I am not sure what it really means, but I found a notice of mine in my MOD folder: "lower LODs have to share exactly the same Node Names, or else they won't show up " I hope it helps somehow...
  15. Wings Over Vietnam

    I still have mine laying in my shelf! Though I really should consider to finally get rid of them...

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