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  1. dont know if this might be an issue, but i have a radeon card (7000) series...had a problem with new RB6...updated driver and works pretty good now...lol but the update came out today =)
  2. wow, looks great, cant wait till i get my new rig to join all of u in the air... btw, what kinds of armorments can the draken carry>?
  3. thanks, i'll keep that in mind then...i like the cugar over the saitek, i might just have to suck it up and pay the loot...i think it would be the best for me in the long run... hope to see u folks in the air on pj1 the cat out
  4. i was looking at the cugar for a wtf y not...anyhoo, i noticed that the OS requirements were 98/2000/ME...i've got XP coming on my new system in the near future, anyone know if it's compatible with XP? hope to see u all in the skies on PJ1
  5. so u would say that the x45 is a good bet as long as i get the update then?
  6. the CH stuff is pretty expensive and my new system is going to us XP...i did see some posts in other parts of the forum...the saitek that i've seen in stores...i'm assuming to be the x45...how do u like it in XP?
  7. after working with TSH some, i ended up moving and droped out of the community...needless to say i've been out for almost 8months...anyhoo, i'm looking for a good throttle/stick combo...what is a good one...i was looking at this saitek bugger at compusa the other day for round 100 bucks..?? anyone here have any suggestions?
  8. ya well, dont hold your breath...seems like in the last 10 years the quality of game developement has kinda gone to the way side...but u never know, maybe someone out there will pick the ball up and actually realize that the reason we dont buy the titles the corporate boobs think isnt marketable is: 1. they half arse just about everything they do now days, and never really making a complete package...if the game is decent the docs are terrible...ect ect. 2. how can i buy something u dont produce!!!???!!! hey i'd love to see an updated version of steel panthers...same game, just better graphics and a couple of new perks...i'm not looking for any fancy 3D engine that shows me alot of kewl explosions and lights...that gets boring after a few min... the cat out
  9. Well, i dont have the game just yet, but it looks like this game is well on its way through the community to bring us an up to date Fighters Anthology...what was probably the best sim of its time...notice, "of it's time". Like alot of other games, there's always something missing, and not enough time in a companies budget to produce a full project. I can only hope to see things expand to fruition in the future, and the team work between thirdwire and the consumer flurish. Will be watching... the cat - out...

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