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  1. Rise of Flight - Offline

    No VP, not directing that at you. Just saying before it gets bad.
  2. Rise of Flight - Offline

    Heh. Sorry. You are correct. You cannot play the WHOLE campaign in offline mode. As an aside, OVS, probably best to lock this thread. No one really cares about discussing RoF here. After all, we're here to discuss OFF. Likely, this thread will just degrade into hostility and inflammatory remarks.
  3. Rise of Flight - Offline

    I I installed it from my copy of the DVD. No need for a mothership… I loaded my copy from the DVD drive to the HD, then loaded it from the HD and played it…. No need for a mothership… I loaded the game offline, played single player missions offline, then without reconnecting, played another one offline. It is true that the campaign mode requires a mission update online between missions. With all the other modes available offline, this isnt that big of a deal IMO. You do have to download a patch to play offline, but all patches for all games need to be downloaded, or sent to you from a friend who himself downloaded it and put it on a CD for you. I’m unsure where you get your information from….but it’s somewhat inaccurate. You’re spreading misinformation. Here's the official news release from Neoqb if you want to know the actual state of offline play: http://riseofflight....gs/default.aspx Hope that helps.
  4. Rise of Flight - Offline

    Yes, this was an excellent move by Neoqb! The new Quick Mission mode with the varying wind, turbulence, weather, specific skins for opponents, etc, is OUTSTANDING! This is untrue. I just played the Hat in the Ring campaign offline a few minutes ago. It is true, tho, that to progress after a mission, you must reconnect to the master server, so you have to play the campaign piecemeal offline...which could be a drag if you have a net connection issue. There's lots to do offline, though, as you can also play the Quick Missions, the various scenarios and "fly now" situations offline. True, you must patch the game online, but ALL games are patched online now, including OFF.
  5. For those addicted to WWI sims

    Some have noted that poor sound drivers for their Creative SB is the issue here. I have an X-Fi SB card, and have never had these problems. However, others have disabled their SB sound card and used the onboard sound of their MB and had brilliant success with more fps and silky smooth performance because of it. The Creative SB drivers are poor to say the least. I'm Running XP 32bit if that makes a difference. Hope this helps.
  6. For those addicted to WWI sims

    well, I guess that settles it. Sorry I posted.
  7. For those addicted to WWI sims

    I didnt mean to offend anyone. Just please keep your minds/eyes open. and FWIW I'm an OFF fanboy too I stand up for OFF as well, since it has so much to offer, and is fun, and I'll stand up for RoF also. I'm also a RoF fanboy, however, for the simple reason that I love to fly biplanes, especially with and against others.
  8. For those addicted to WWI sims

    What "seems" to be inferior, isnt. I'm sorry. I've read all the fanboy reactions in the threads over the last couple of months, and am dismayed at the lack of open mindedness. Very surpised actualy, and not a little disgusted. Watch this on youtube: Certainly not a comprehensive video, but it shows just a small amount of the detail and scenery in RoF. OFF isnt the best scenery. Not by a LONG shot. It's outstandingly detailed, and with so much dynamic action going on, it's very immersive. However, I've played both....a lot. And I have a system that can really show what each game can do. Dont fool yourself. You can say it if you really want to believe it, but it doesnt make it so.
  9. That "other WW1 flight sim"

    Ahhhh, Wooden Ships and Iron Men! I really enjoyed that game...so many variables, grapeshot/roundshot/etc....heh! It was the only game that could equal Richtofen's War for 2nd place among the Avalon bookshelf games (though as I recall, it wasnt in the same shape as RW...bigger box for the board IIRC). The BEST bookshelf game of all time? drumroll... Kingmaker!
  10. HiTR - Will there be more?

    I think they realize that we'll pay for any addition, if only for the hope that it will fuel/fund their work on future OFF material. It's really a statement of trust in the devs...that whatever they do, it will be outstanding and more fun. I know that's how I feel...
  11. That "other WW1 flight sim"

    great catch! Yes, the thach weave was what I was referring to. Tactics like this are only going to work if two pilots are working together, which a number of the RoF german squadrons do. With so many good pilots here, it would be a lot of fun to be able to fly together, against human opponents!
  12. Flight maneuver demonstration

    Yeah, you're right. We need Home Boy to make some more instructional videos for us. Where'd he go anyway? Maybe someone else will rise to the challenge?
  13. That "other WW1 flight sim"

    Yes, the engines can be very finicky, particularly to over revving in dives. The se5a will start to make that "Klank clink" sound if you run it too hot, etc. Yes, I'd like to fly with the OFF crowd! Maybe not in a squadron (would that make us the Black Sheep Squadron?), but certainly for an occasional flight. I need someone to fly cover for those train missions! 2 SE5a fighters with bombs going low and fast will bring in the Dr1s, but if we had a couple of spad XIIIs flying cover, it would be all over for the train and it's german henchmen! I'd also like to try flying with a wingman who can do the scissor type of trap. I fly low, when the enemy drops in behind me, I cut over and back, while my wingman cuts back and over, essentially bringing my enemy into his sites for a full side view every few seconds (I saw this on a you tube video).
  14. Flight maneuver demonstration

    thanks! Yeah the one I wanted has no link anymore. I searched but couldnt find it. The training videos in the knowledge base are interesting, but I'd like to see more of the manoevers being executed, in addition to the Hammerhead and wingover that HB did. Anyone want to give us a display? :) Any other links that might help? EDIT--I found this youtube clip of IL2 I think. It shows Scissors, and rolling scissors from about the 2 min mark:
  15. A while back someone posted a link to a great demonstration of flight maneuvers. I think it was a flash video. You chose a manoever, like split S, then it showed a 2d plane performing the maneuver. Does anyone have that link? Thanks!

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