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  1. Great!! Thank you so much!!
  2. Looking to re-download the Desert Storm mod for WOE.... anyone out there know where to find it in the downloads section...I might be looking in the wrong place or my old age may be causing my vision to slip. Any help would be appreciated!
  3. Experienced this just last night. Engaging multiple targets at max range for the missle and if the target broke that distance the missle would loose sight. All in all a great game. I see what you mean about the radar work, but that only adds to the game. Now I am looking for new planes and skins...anyone got any favorite sites for downloads?
  4. Problem solved. I re-installed and then re-applied the patch and I am good now AIM-7s Fire with no problem. Thanks for everyones interest in trying to help me out
  5. Patch is Oct 2008...aircraft varies F15 or F4
  6. I am new to WOE coming from many other sims including WOV. For some reason I cannot figure out why my AIM-7's won't fire. I can't even get them to Aquire Targets. Correct me if I am wrong but in WOV all you had to do was select the AIM-7 and they would lock onto targets inside of 7 miles automatically. Am I missing something? A key congfig or a new feature perhaps? Desperately seeking A2A kills Jas

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