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  1. Thanks Nesher, I posted that as I was downloading the file. If only I would have waited for the read me, I could have answered my own questions! Gunner
  2. I could swear I remember Stormin posting the keyboard commands here recently, but I can't find it anywhere. Anybody remember where it was posted? I got to start on my Digital TM file! Gunner V
  3. Deuces, Thanks for your quick reply. I just checked my folders and I did spell the folder, the .cat file and the .ini file deuces. I must have dislexic fingers Gunner V
  4. I am getting a CTD every time I get to 80% on the mission load screen when I select the euro terrain or Korean campaign. I have followed the instructions by creating new folders caller campagn2 and Korea, and have imported my desert. cat file and renamed it to dueces.cat and Korea.cat respectively. I have also added the new header to my campaign2.ini. I am running a Radeon Pro 9700, AMD T-bird 1.3, IWILL KK266R and a patched version of the game. I have checked my spelling and all looks good there. I have also tried two seperate downloads of the tileset. Any ideas on what could be wrong? Gunner V
  5. Tribute to the Troops (Video)

    Thanks. CWO2 George Vangelas VMGR-352 MCAS Miramar
  6. Well, I have just returned after a four month, all expenses paid vacation to the middle east courtesy of Uncle Sam :-). I managed to install the patch right before I left, but haven't had the oppertunity to fly with it yet. Does anyone have a TM FLCS(w/Digital chip installed)./TQS/RCS file? I started on the macros, but haven't completed it yet. Any "must have" d/l's? Suggested settings for a Athlon 1.3, Voodoo 5 rig? How are the 9700 Pro's working with the new 3.4 drivers? I'm itching to upgrade with all the tax free money I have been saving ;-) TIA, Gunner V
  7. Just installed DX9. I am now able to run JF-15 under Glide. CFS2 looks better. No noticble change in JF-18. No probs so far. Athlon 1.33 o/c to 1.53 IWILL KK266R V5500 XP Pro
  8. Jeff, Take your time, bro. I haven't seen a full review yet, only short "first immpressions" that aren't in depth enough to offer any good info. Can I suggest you put in some performance specs? I.e. your FPS and your rig's stats so we can get an idea on how it will run n our machines? Thanks in advance, look forward to reading it!
  9. Rancho Penasquitos for me. It is only 7.2 miles from my driveway to my squadons's parking lot I'm hating the 15 traffic though. Is Fry's the best place around here for hardware/software?
  10. Awsome, I'm there. You get your copy yet?
  11. Any Digital TM users?

    Any of you beta testers have a joystick file mapped out yet?

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