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  1. Fair Strike Demo is out

    Yeah, MadJeff. Since you seem to have a direct line in to the developer, report to him that from what I have read so far on this and other forums is that the Simulation is not up to speed. Ok, OK, its an early demo. Granted, but never the less. Its not up to speed yet. Dont let the developers think that this will be acceptable for the Simulation fans. If they want to make another Commanche4, just come right out and tell us and we'll leave and go back to EECH and LB2. No problem. But like I read somewhere in one of these discussions, "we already have 2 great games to base a helo sim on. Dont re-invent the wheeel. Just take those games and add arcade for the candy boys. " Or something to that effect. No worries mate. Its our money anyway. Still alot of time left to get it right. :D 8)
  2. Fair Strike Demo is out

    Dont know. Youre gonna have to get in and try it. It still apears to be alot like Commanche 4 to me. Way to early to tell though but I dont see any signs of a real simulation yet. Gonna have to spend some more time with it. You know, got to print out the keyboard list, get familiar with the commands, see what files can be hacked for better gameplay. Tell you one thing though, youre not missing anything.
  3. Fair Strike Demo is out

    Follow up. Joystick was operable once the Simulation mode was turned on.
  4. Fair Strike Demo is out

    Chief, go to settings/game/special. There you will find the option for simulation. Still havent found the joystick yet.
  5. Fair Strike Demo is out

    Yep, no joystick contorls provided yet. None that I could find anyway. And it stuck in Arcade mode. So if you like commanche4 , you'll like this sim. YUCK.....Oh yeah, Oh yeah, its just a demo, but come on. No joystick support and Arcade mode? Think I'll just wait ofr th real thing. Nothing impressive yet. :(
  6. Can you please elaborate more on the multiplayer aspect with specific to co-op multiplayer. Will it be "join after started by host"? Able to save campaigns/missions in MP? Thanks,,

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