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  1. RF-4B.....

    To my standard, they're not major external differences. System-wise, the main differences were in the camera/sensor suite. To my view, I'd be happy with using the C model as a basis for a B - reasonably close, at least for the interim. In fs2004, for example, there was some fantastic repaints of the Marine RF-4Bs that used Alphasim's RF-4C model as the basis - and I found the results fantastic. A Ravenclaw B would be superb, of course ... but that looks like a long ways out. I'm just curious what became of these "B" paints, and if the C model is what you need to use them. Naval/Marine recce ... love it! DL EDIT - didn't see Ravenclaw had responded while I typed ... again, just my opinion.
  2. RF-4B.....

    Really interested in any USMC RF-4B skins, particularly earlier (high-vis). Did these WIPs ever progress? Insofar as the model is concerned, is what is shown in these shots the TMF RF-4C, from here: http://www.column5.us/classic/aircraft6.shtml I assume so, but still figuring out what of the old Gen 1 stuff works in Gen 2. It would be nice to know that RF works well in Gen 2 ... thanks kindly, DL
  3. Hello Gocad! Just stumbled across this thread - some of the Crusaders paints I've always hoped here have been featured here!! Bravo on a great job! Two questions: 1) As I'm running SF2/WoV2/WoI2/WoE2, I'm assuming the paints would work best on this version of the MF Crusader? http://combatace.com...der-super-pack/ 2) Was this VMF-321 scheme ever modelled - either for the OEM Crusader or the MF version? It is likely one of the most striking (albeit shor-lived) schemes for Marine F-8s ... would love in the sim. If not available, no problem - this was not a request - just a query. I searched the downloads and didn't see it - but you folks are likely a lot smarter than me at finding the gems .... Thanks, DL
  4. Thanks I999, So the shortest path to the YAP RF-8G is the base pack ($25) + Mission pack 2 ($15), and wait for the CD to arrive in the mail? Or can I get the a/c alone from the Mission pack? thanks, DL
  5. OK - fair enough. I just figured there was some merit in the perspective from the guy who recently launched a significant mod (S.2 Bucc) for both the 1st and 2nd gen platforms. I'll keep digging through the KB ... DL
  6. Very smart looking .... though I thought YAP and 2nd gen games didn't play well, as per Ravenclaw's comment earlier in the thread .... and I'm assuming this is the 2nd gen game given it was in the 2nd gen screenshot section ... am I missing something? Regards,
  7. Hello! Just saw this this in the screenshots thread .... Whose model is that - looks nice!! cheers, DL
  8. Sheesh ... just when I thought I had already forked out enough $$$ ... now you guys want me to buy yet another title ... :) Well, I was secretly not too disapointed initially about the NA+XP thing for the following objections: 1) old machine (2.4 Ghz, 3 GB Ram, GeForce 9800 GT) - so while it runs the other titles well, (most settings to max), I was concerned about how NA would run. Experts opinions welcome here. 2) NA seemed to be focused on, well, the North Atlantic - seemed kind of uninteresting (as opposed to the Med, Carribean, SEA, etc). I guess that's purpose of the Water Maps Mod? 3) I'm just getting to enjoy the transitionto the 2nd gen mods. I'm hoping they work in NA? If these objections get resolved, I just may spring for NA ... :) Thanks, DL
  9. Hello all, I looked and didn't quite find what I was after - so if this has been asked, I apologize. I’m trying to expand the extent of carrier missions available from just the default USN campaign missions. Looking to see how to Amend an existing Vietnam campaign to fly as en USMC pilot on either F-8 or F-4 embarked squadron – say VMFA-333, VMFA-325, etc. Fly some non-campaign missions (ODS type) in say SF2:I from carriers. A-7E in low-vis, that type of thing. So how to add a carrier start to a mission. Find some recommendations around suitable replacement carriers (a bit higher def) for USN/USMC and/or RN FAA operations. I’ve seen some carrier packs, but it appears they’re for the SF2:NA title. I have all the “2” series except for the NA title. Have an XP machine – so it looks like NA is no/go for me right now. Thanks so much, DL
  10. Hello gang, Wondering if in the massive array of awesome aircraft for the "2" series of this sim, whether there is a Photo Crusader for this fun-loving photo-taking Crusader nut? Have checked here,at C5, and A-Team .... Kind of doubt it, but I thought I'd ask just in case. thanks so much, DL
  11. Will look for the catpack - good tip! Pointed the extractor to Flight - found no MissionData.cat ... thoughts? sorry for the haranguing - I'm learning with each step! dl
  12. OK - found the file on check-six. I pointed the extractor to the only file which the extracot could read - Objects/ObjectData - and of the hundreds of files there, there was no campaign_data_ini. What am I doing wrong? thanks,
  13. OK - will try tomorrow. Maxed out my d/l already .... :) thanks,
  14. Sorry - quick question: Searched for campaign_DATA.ini throughout my WoV install - can't find it. Also searched for a WoV campaign editor (which I vaguely understand as being necessary to edit this file) - only found a SFP1 campaign editor, which understandably won't connect with my WoV exe. What am I doing wrong? Am all patched up to 2008b ... thanks,
  15. Great - will d/l and investigate further. many thanks, dl

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