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  1. Hello, SOLVED with CFS3 reset Thanks
  2. Hello, I did not run the game for several weeks (was running OK) . Now when I start OFF and request QC I receive the following popup telling me that I must uninstall and reinstall the game ....WHY? Recommendations? Thanks in advance
  3. SOLVED !! Thanks a lot for your help. Regards
  4. Hi, Just downloaded and installed. I cannot activate QS nor QC each time I try I receive the following windows (see attached) . Whe I try to create a new Pilot I receive the attached window BUT NO Nation selection is possible. Went I keyin a Nation name (example France) NO response only Quit is possible !! Recommendations? thanks in advance
  5. Hello, "I've found that CFS3 itself supports windowed mode by adding -window to a shortcut to cfs3.exe" Please can you be more explicit. I would like to run CFS3 in window mode. Thanks in advance
  6. Hello OLpaint01, Thanks for the solution it works
  7. Hello, Please see also http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showt...47&hl=emile I have made more testing. I can confirm, using Filemon (File Monitor) that there are no HD I/Os after this window is present. XP Task Manager shows OFF and CFS3 as applications . No CPU uitilisation. What can be wrong? the installation? but Quick Scenarios is running OK, I can add pilots, I can see the window with all the options ... Please help.
  8. Hello, When I use F5 to see the gauges, these are mixed. How to correct?
  9. Hello, Created pilot without problem. I found that the "quick scenarios" is running very well (made a few without problems ...except that I was capured due to landing on the wrong airfield The "quick combats" gives me the problem game stays in "wait"; no IOs, almost no CPU activity.. Now why?
  10. Hello guys, I have tried again to start OFF and I waited 1 1/2 hour for this initialisation before stopping the applications . There are NO I/Os and CPU utilisation is almost zero. The system seams waiting for some action or access . Is there a log file somewhere to see was has been already done? Yes I run 2 video cards and 3 monitors. this works perfectly with my dual Boot XP and Vista (FSX, CFS3 and OFF are on the XP system). CFS3 and FSX do work without problems on this PC. Yes the main video card is a 7800 Nvidia and is more powerfull than the Nvidia Geforce 6600gt as found in minimum recommended. My CPU is 3 Ghz HT. My setting are the default ones. I will search more and it it does not work, uninstall OFF and reinstall again. Thanks
  11. Hello and thanks to assist me Fliegenhund : I run the XG 174.16 at 1152x864 (in the video card and in the game) . I "fly" FSX during hours without any problem with the same resolution on 3 monitors, 77scout : I only waited almost 5 minuts , I'll wait longer but I do not understand why there is NO activity visible in the Task manager (XP SP3), Uncleal : Defrag was done after installation of the patches, HD still has 30 Gb free, Olham : I have done this ,same option has CFS3 I'll report back Thanks in advance
  12. Hello, CSF3 original CDs installed with recommended patches. And seams running...only a few tests. Received OFF PC DVD this morning and started installation , all seams OK. Have also installed the super and mini patch as recommended. When I start the game after the presentation I select "quick combat" to see if it works , the game starts I understand "Contact Clear" and afterwards I see the attached screen , nothing moves ..... see attached picture (sorry for the quality) The Task Manager XP SP3 show no activity and the OFFManager is not responding What did I wrong? Thanks in advance.
  13. Anyone using FSAutoStart or AlacrityPC?

    Hello, I use Alacritypc for months when running FSX. It helps me a lot.
  14. Hello, I use my monitors in FSX to "undock" some windows like 2D cockpit, GPS, Radio , ... Maps to a 2nd or 3rd monitor . Main monitor is basically use for spot view. Same posible in OFF? Thanks for responding?
  15. Hello, All is in the title. I use multiple monitors in FSX so that I can "undock" windows from the main monitor to a secondary monitor. Is this also available in OFF? Does OFF allows "windowing mode" ? Not Full screen mode? Thanks in advance.

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