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  1. It would be great if you could substitute the current in game satellite game graphical map view with a 2d map with names of areas etc. For example for the SF2 VAXP Vietnam mod, there is a great map in the briefing and map screen. Could you mod so that you can see that map when pressing M in flight? Thanks, G
  2. Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you! :)
  3. Actually I am wondering, as I installed ODS Redux, I see that it was uploaded 2014. Should I instead download ODS updated to SF2 standards that was uploaded or updated in 2016? Not sure what is the best one to use?
  4. Thanks all for your feedback and ideas. I seemed to have fixed it in a roundabout way which I may have to revert as the game crashed when I was switching views between objects. First I tried to use the Super Tomcat Pack to replace the A and A+....that did not work. When I copied the ODS orgininals back in, overwriting the Super Pack Cats, it started working....now, just then I spotted something that I missed in the installation instructions, I did not use the optional SF2NA files to use the stock Tomcat data. So I did that too. It all looked like everything was solved, apart from the crash. Not sure if ODS is prone to occasional crashes? I may try to do a clean setup again. BTW I also added the latest Viper Team F16's as I felt that the included F16's were dated. To check, is there an official way to add more up to date aircraft to ODS, like the F16's for example. Thanks, G
  5. Hello, I just got Operation Desert Storm Redux up and running. Two questions at the moment, my Tomcat skins are only showing up black. I took a look at the Aircraft folder and I can see the skins there for the respective F14 folders. Any ideas? Also, I was wondering if there is an update for the aircraft carriers in terms that they have no other aircraft on decks it is completely empty. Anyway to spruce these up with more objects? Many thanks again, G
  6. Hi I just got SF2 with Operation Darius mod up and runnning. I have an issue with all F16 where the seat is not visible. Anyone know of a fix? Thank you, G
  7. Super Mirage F1AZ

    Apologies for my ignorance. I did not have the required DLC. Oops, sorry. Thanks, G
  8. Super Mirage F1AZ

    I hope that someone may see this. I just installed this mod, looks fantasic, but the aircraft is invisible and you can only see the missiles.Also the cockpit view seems to be facing backwards. I did not install any other older Mirage 3 mods. Any ideas? Many thanks. G
  9. I thought I'd join this forum since it is so kind of dedicated to SFP1. I loved the thread with the black and white screenshots and it showed of the beauty of the sim veru nicely indeed. There are so many cool new things coming out and I will update the Errata as soon as there are abit of new stuff to add. Hope all is well. Regards Gian 8)

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