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  1. Wow, great stuff. "16) Improved mobile ground unit deployment in theater" I'm wondering if someone in dev would be willing to tell us some more about this one? The others are all more or less obvious. -Ben
  2. This is why I would never add any coworkers or business contacts as Facebook friends. Facebook is for personal stuff - LinkedIn is for professional stuff. Ya! -Ben
  3. Thanks so much for the patch. I remember playing a German pilot a little while back and finding the Pfalz a bit too unmaneuverable (my guess, but it seemed worse than the DII) so thanks for that! -Ben
  4. Well, actually I meant that it looks as if the wings have flat or convex bottom surfaces as modern wings do. At the time these planes were designed they didn't understand lift properly and designed wings that "scooped" the air. I can't think of anything earlier than about the Junkers D1 where this was not the case. I know for sure that the Parasol at the least had a much different wing cross section than the one pictured above. The pictures of the tripe there show just what I mean, as those wing designs seem to be original. -Ben
  5. Do some of these replicas have modern airfoils? I noticed this especially with the Parasol, and maybe the Neiuports and the EIII as well. If so, it's probably a good idea for safety's sake. -Ben
  6. Thanks very much! Out of ignorance I ask - is it impossible to design the railyard with its turnouts from the main line rather than 3 parallel but separate tracks? -Ben
  7. I've noticed that the AA settings are pretty important to my game, as aircraft in the mid-distance are actually distinguishable with it, but look like stray dots without it (when I can see them at all).
  8. It's cool to see what may be coming, but it doesn't diminish the fun I'm having at the moment. -Ben
  9. As eager as I am as well, I'm going to duck out of the way for this one... All I know is that the Fokker E.V (or DVIII) and the Snipe are in the works, and that further development is going to happen. -Ben
  10. Thanks, guys, I'll try moving somewhere else. Ben
  11. Pretty new here, just got my disc last week. I joined Shusta 6 on 1 Jan 1917, and have flown 10 or so missions without seeing a single enemy AC nor any ACs other than those of my group. Included were 4 scramble missions, also without seeing any enemies. At first I assumed the bad weather was keeping the scouts grounded but now I'm not sure. So do I have a problem? I'm using the superpatch and the newest minipatch. Thanks, Ben
  12. Really cool. Thanks for these. Since I'm new to OFF, I have 2 questions about skins here. - If I put these skins in, will they appear in the campaign, or is there another process for adding these pilots? - Are these all historical (except for those specifically marked as movie)? Thanks, Ben

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