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  1. yesterday there was an item about correcting false pliots for the huey in Sf viet nam. I didn't have time to read it and thought I would find it today sept 28. is it still around? deanklef
  2. The report the other day about a fellow having problems with his Tornado add on in SF2 Europe set me to checking on my installation ,of SF2 Europe, full merged, and I found that my F-18 hornets had all turned Black. Does anyone know if this is caused by Microsoft's latest round of unasked for upgrades? Is there a cure? thanks, deanklef
  3. Hi, I loaded the A-Team SF1 swordfish in to my SF2 ETO merged install. It works ok, but all I get in loadout are raf bombs, no Torpedoes or rockets. I have WW2 weapons in the game including the Mk12 torpedoes and 60 pd rockets. but they don't show up in the loadout menu. Is there some editing needed to be done? Thanks, deanklef
  4. Hi LIMA33, Well I deleted my BAD FE2 game, an started over.. Changed the Exe to read FE2 North Sea and ran it. II got a new saved game folder named" FE2 North Sea". I then followed the instructions to install the North Sea mod. .Opened the Terrain Folder and changed the wwi North Sea__Data file as per instructions. then opened the game to the main screen .When I clicked on single mission The game froze up completely including the curser. I had to go to "Ctrl-Alt-Delete to get out of there. Got any idea what I did wrong? Thank for all Your help, Deanklef.
  5. Thanks again LIMA33, I will try it again and let you know what happens. Deanklef
  6. white spaces ?

    I don't know what the problem is , but I will try to reinstall FE2.I don't have a problem with any of the other 3rd wire games , so its probably in FE2. Thanks for the help LIMA33, Deanklef
  7. white spaces ?

    had a new event today, this happens and crashes the game [see below. deanklef
  8. I recently tried to install the" north Sea "as new separate install, following directions .I made a copy of the FE2.exe,{ that's the green airplane symbol, right?} then I renamed it North Sea and ran it. I got nothing in the in the saved games folder and it pulled up the original FE2 Next I tried doing it with the with the FE2 web setup , When I tried to run it by clicking a mission the game locked up so tight that I had to go to Ctrl-Alt-Delete to get out of it, although it did create a copy of FE2. The game is being run in Win7. I know I'm doing some thing wrong, but what? deanklef
  9. white spaces ?

    I think what I am seeing is a white flickering or flittering that is to fast for screenshots. deanklef
  10. white spaces ?

    I have tried to take screenshot but no luck. I'm running in windows 7. I will try again. deanklef
  11. white spaces ?

    Hi, Is there any way to fix the blank white terrain spaces that come and go while in the game? they seem possibly to be sound related. Thanks, deanklef
  12. FE aircraft in FE2

    Thanks, 33LIMA deanklef
  13. Hi, I ran into a problem after installing thePhoenixKD1. There is a separate" narrow" Pilot folder with this plane. I tried the ways to install the pilot described in this forum. but nothing seems work, so I have a star strut Phoenix flying in FE2 with an empty cockpit. deanklef
  14. How about ,French, Italian,and Australian? deanklef
  15. Hi DARoot, I made the changes on The AC-47A" weapons stations" to" HeloGunner LR and RR". Now I have no gunners on the AC-47A and I still have the tail dragging crewman on the Huey. deanklef

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