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  1. That sounds great! Thanks KJakker As for the structuralfactor, 700 seemed to work fine for the Yorktown, but so far that's the only ship I've tested. What number would you recommend?
  2. The "StructuralFactor" really seemed to make a difference. Seems a good number for WWII carriers is 700, certainly makes the task of sinking them much more realistic. Took about three well placed 500kg bombs to destroy the CV-5 USS Yorktown from Rising Sun. Thanks again everyone
  3. Other ships that are very easy to destroy are most of the ships from the Falklands War mod. Such as the Type 21 frigate and Type 42 destroyer. Thanks everybody for your help!
  4. Thanks KJakker It's primarily all the ships from Rising Sun by YAP. However the stock TW Spruance class destroyer also can be sunk with very little effort. There are others but I can't remember all of them off the top of my head. I'll have to check over the next week and I'll mention them as I find out.
  5. I was wondering how to edit a ships data.ini in order to make a ship more difficult to destroy. Ships like the modern Ticonderoga class cruiser in the game can withstand many bomb hits and not sink, but other ships such as WWII cruisers can be sunk with one bomb. Obviously in actual combat these huge vessels could withstand significant damage before succumbing to the many bomb hits inflicted upon them. Since the Ticonderoga I mentioned earlier can withstand significant damage, there must be a way to edit other ships to enable them to withstand the same amount of damage. Just wondering how to do this. Thanks Everyone
  6. TMF F-14A_82 Skin Pack

    Nice upgrade!
  7. Thanks everybody for the info and tutorials. I've been playing this game for 15 years now but I've never really done much with decals.
  8. I am trying to add decals to the Mirage F1's by ludo.m54. However I can't seem to figure out how to add decals to the wings. As anyone familiar with these aircraft know, all of them have the insignia already on the wings. Therefore I have no template on what to use for the position or meshname. I have tried many different combinations by using templates from other aircraft but have had no luck. I copied and pasted the decal text below from another aircraft to see if it would work, but it has not. [Decal003] MeshName=WingO_L --- Is this correct? I've tried all the options. DecalLevel=0 DecalFacing=TOP FilenameFormat=Insignia Position=-4.2575,-3.0 --- No idea what to use, tried many combinations with no result. Decals never show up. Rotation=15.0 Scale=0.7 DecalMaxLOD=4 Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  9. Quick Aircraft Facts: A-10 Warthog

    Wings was an awesome show! Documentaries just haven't been the same since. The A-10 episode was called Steel Rain and is available on YouTube, Enjoy!
  10. Mike "Dozer" Shower on the F-15C

    That was great! Thanks for sharing this, watching it was well worth staying up until 2:00am this morning.
  11. I've recently been playing the campaigns from the SF2I expansion pack. However I've noticed that in the Attrition War campaign that most Arab aircraft types that are suppose to update to a different type throughout the campaign are not doing so. If I fly the Arab version of the campaign I do not see this problem, so it obviously only effects non-player aircraft. Has anyone else had this issue?
  12. I just now started playing this great package. However when I fly the Basrah campaign I always get a black screen when exiting the first mission and can't seem to get to the debrief screen. The other campaigns don't have this issue. Anyone know what's up? Thanks

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