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  1. Thanks everyone. I'll have to buy a new computer when I can afford it.
  2. I updated to the windows upgrade on March 7. Also upgraded to the in vidia driver on March 5th. Ever since then nothing has worked. I reverted to the Invidia driver from 2/22. I also deleted the driver from 3/7 windows driver. Tried all the fixes from YouTube. I can play the wwii games from capun(I know lol). Can't play any games from combatace though including menrva's ODS or SF2I games though.
  3. I'm about to throw my Asus 703gle out the window. I don't know what happened but after I installed the newest update all my SF2 games cause the dreaded blue screen "your pc has run into a problem and needs to restart." I've tried all the fixes and nothing works. I've been looking at the Acer Nitro 5 as a replacement. Just wondering do any of you experts think this would be a good replacement? Thank you all
  4. Question

    Thak you Menrva
  5. Question

    I'm trying to download the ODS_30AF_HotFix.zip
  6. Has anyone else encountered this message? Just wondering if there is a way around it. I've never seen it before. Thanks The page you are trying to access is not available for your account.
  7. Newest USMC Ace

    Nice. Thank you for this story.
  8. SF2 F3D-2/EF-10B Skyknight by Coyote Aerospace

    Beautiful addition!
  9. SF2 F3D-2/EF-10B Skyknight by Coyote Aerospace

    Thank you Wrench
  10. FW-190A8R2

    Is there a way to make the WGR21 pods jettisonable?
  11. I am trying to figure out how to add new nations via cut and paste in the nations.ini. Specifically creating a Chinese Navy addition for the War for Taiwan campaign. I have modified the SU-33 to resemble a J-15 and it looks good. Yet when copying the PLAAF nation text and renaming it for the PLANAF, I get the wrong markings. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks
  12. Just because

    More pics

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