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  1. Increasing OFF Performance

    Black Knight, Thanks for the informaion on were and how to change the MaxFPS setting. I have an older machine and have had various versions of the Microsoft Flight Simulator for over twenty years. MFS9 placed huge demands on my computer with all the add-ons that I ahd aded to the game. I found that if a I locked the framrate of the simulator to 20 FPS and reduced AI traffic to 60-70% I had better than average performance from the sim. I believe that by reducing the FPS it allows the processor to better handle such things as ground textures and clouds. I reduced my MaxFPS to 20 and I am having a much better experience with the game. Thanks again Tom
  2. I deleted all of my "older: pilots and created a new piolot. It sim is agoin fuctional. Thanks for your help, Tom
  3. I had not created a new pilot for sometime. What I ended up doing was to go back and reset to the defaults under workshop. That elimunated all of my pilots, but of course it also allowed me to create new pilots. There has got to be a an easier/better way to work around this problem. Please advise.
  4. The sim will not allow me to fly in any format since I loaded the F patch. Doen't mean that the patch is bad; I just can't fly. I can load the sim to the point where I select a campaign, scenario, or a combat mission, the program chugs around for a moment and then tells me that the war is over and the Armistice has been signed. Depending on what side I was playing, I either won or lost the war. How to I reset the date in the simulator. Thanks Tom
  5. Dej, Thanks for the response. I am still learning the in's & out's of the simulator. I am finding that with my current "fighting abilities" that I have the tendency to pick-up to many wood ticks on my wings (crashing into trees). So I was look to see in I could map/review my failures through after battle videos. Thanks again Tom
  6. Is there a way to video repaly flights. I downloaded the OFF BH&H Menu Card but Idid not see a method/Key combination to run a replay. Thanks Tom

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