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  1. using a laptop

    I run OFF on a Gateway FX P-7805u, very successfully with the GeForce 9800M GTS card. It has a 1920X1200 17" screen, but I rarely use it. Normally I hook my laptop up via HDMI to my Sony Bravia 55" LCD TV, and downsize the image to 1768X992. It provides the same 16:9 perspective with increased frame rate so I can turn on 8X AA. Getting closer to a cockpit now...... Another option to consider in use for a laptop can be to wear a Vuzix VR920 set of head goggles. The only bad thing is the resolution is capped at 1024X768. However, because the picture is so close to your eyes, it rarely matters, and you get fanastic frame rates. It hooks up via standard SVGA and USB cabling. I have used these when I am on deployment, and don't want to be disturbed. I do believe the costs have dropped to under $200, and the image quality is very good. Basically, they are a dual miniature set of LCDs, but not shutter glasses.
  2. Is Crossfire supported at all?

    SLI / Crossfire independency is not true. Games do need to be written specifically to take advantage of the mutliple GPUs, just like hyperthreading of CPUs. In the case of OFF, the game engine does not support crossfire functionality. The engine is just too old, and the coding has not been rewritten to support this added option beyond the functionality of higher resolutions. It does make me wonder about nVidia cards, however. Is the game properly "tricked" into seeing one video card or is it only using one card? I don't have the answer for this one. Obviously, if a player is playing the game at a resolution above 2048X1535, which is the maximum analog resolution that can be displayed through a single DVI, HDMI, or VGA port, there are two cards active, BUT is there any additional added benefits shown in OFF in SLI mode beyond the basic resolution mapping?
  3. Consistent framerates

    Drop the last setting, "clouds", well below 5. This really hurts framerates. Based on your rig, a "2", would be the most conservative. I run 4-5-3-3-5-2, and pull consitent frame rates at 32 FPS, 1920x1080, AF 4X, AA X8.
  4. OT What Job do you do?

    I serve as a US Army officer for the Corps of Engineers. 16 year veteran now, multiple deployments, with a couple of combat tours in the history. Background is as a construction / facilities engineer, but I have worked a lot of other jobs over the years. A few of the more unusual which unrelated to my training were recruiting command and diplomat assistance out US Embassies. Looking forward to retirement. Just want to run a old school arcade / malt shop and build my Nieuport 28. Of course, I could just become a garbage collector, but I might get a bit bored quickly........... ;)
  5. I have been collecting original and reproduction WWI medals for years. It represents a part of military history, as you said with gallantry and valor. Totally understandable, if you are an early aviation and flight enthusiast. WWI was a period of inspired medal creation, such as the Distinguished Service Medal for the US Army on 2 JAN 1918. GEN Pershing was one of the first recipients. Of course, you don't see me walking around were a Prussian officers uniform on with awards either, but that is another story.
  6. OT - Victoria Cross Citations - WOW!

    An even bigger question is if they survived the war (since most did not), how did they function in regular society. Some of the most amazing acts of bravery, have a cost unspoken. I share this from personel experience.
  7. TrackIR 5: How big of a difference?

    If you are pilot, its like night and day. The ability to scan the horizon and the skies and rely on your MK I eyeball, is what defines early aviation and flight. If you learn to fly and scan simultaneously, you are less likely to be caught off guard during combat. Turning off the crutch of pan locking your target, leads to better realism and immersion. Once you are able to successively follow a target through all levels of turns, your peripheral vision, will pick up details your surroundings, that you were not aware of previously, such as banks of turns of your own aeroplane, and enemy maneuvers. The hardest thing about learning how to use this tool is two fold. One, training your hands (and FEET!) not to lean and overturn with your head (which passes quickly), due to spatial perception. Two, learning how to set up the TrackIR so it effectively is not either under or over sensitive, smooth, and has the correct limits of movement. This second part requires respositioning the camera and your seating, so all viewing angles of the TrackIR are maximized. If you are getting less than 180 degrees left and right (360 degree total), and 90 degrees up and down (180 degrees total), your camera is not correctly positioned. You may look like an alien with your TrackClip on, but who cares, it is better than wearing an oversized VR helmet.
  8. CFS3 at Best Buy

    Are you sure this is the same version release by MicroSoft, years ago? This actual MicroSoft version in CD form is TWO CDs, version the ONE DVD. Good deal for the price, however. $30 cheaper than when I bought it, 6 years ago.
  9. Squadron Reassigned to England - Boring!

    It seems in my memory, that you can alter the pilot file to adjust the date to coincide with a location change. The best way to do this was to validate the new move date based on the historical information in the select squadron screen, along with the airfield location. Then adjust the information in the pilot file to match it. I tried this when RFC 28?? campaign ended early in 1918 (which I was unaware) as there was no more information in the data file for this squadron, so I "rolled" the clock back, to continue flying in their Sopwith Camels. I am not sure if this was a bug, because I would have to get out my historical books to find out what really happened to RFC 28. I am sure the files are accurate, and the squadron was dissolved or absorbed into another for some reason. Of course, I don't recommend this in standard practice, bring "pilots back from the dead" or create bogus awards in the pilot's file, as this can be done in a similar manner. Some of these tricks were learned when CFS3 first came out, and the pilot information design for the file has remained somewhat unchanged.
  10. Game Acceleration Keystroke question

    Did you disable this function with the OFF configuration manager? When you set up the game within the game configuration, this option is an override which includes areas such as labels, messages, and HUD. If you read the the OFF graphics, tips and tweaks page on the main website, you will find it listed, that this feature was recommended to be disabled (Especially on the DiD standard). If you were following the guide, step by step, you may need to reactivate the function. A simple warning though, enabling this feature all the time, can lead to some nasty crashes on your airplane coming out of clouds, when flying in formation. Little blips are okay, but full blown flights with this feature on for extended periods of time, can cause problems. It is useful to get flight formation back together to continue the mission, however.
  11. Reviewing the Logitech G940

    As a replacement for an aging CH Products lineup for me, this flight system has been exactly what I have been looking for. Although there are some teething pains with conflicting axes during intial setup, once you get it all straightened out inside the GUI program (Logitech GamePanel) or inside the the individual flight simulator menus, the force feedback in flight is very effective. I normally fly a lot of older prop aeroplanes, such as the Sopwith Camel and Fokker DVII, and recently did a comparison of flight modesl used in Over Flanders Fields. The I-Force FFB is accurate is producing the looping gyroscopic effort that occurs inside the rotary Clerget engine of the Sopwith. I am able to do snap rolls and high yo-yos fairly easily using the the G940. The extra tension under high power stalls is impressive, as I can sense the moment of loss of airflow over the wings, the shudder, and deadstick control. If you have extremely large hands, this system could potentially give hand cramps, but for me, the grip was about right. The joystick does have a smaller handprint than a Thrustmaster HOTA Cougar. NOTE: This is not the first FFB joystick that I have ever owned, and there are professional joysticks you can "acquire" for several thousand dollars, but money value for a complete system, that works well, and is asthetically pleasing to boot is worth the hard earned cash. Recommended for beginning flight jockeys, and veterans alike.
  12. Laptop

    A small update, I realized I made an error in the description. The power adapter for this laptop cooler is included in the complete package. This cooler actually requires TWO USB ports to function properly, IF using the 4 port USB hub is used without external power. Something worth mentioning, because of the requirements for the fans and hub simultaneously, puts a substantial drain on battery use if not turned off. One USB connection for the power and fans, and one for the USB ports. The way to get around this, is use the included power adapater, therefore reducing your overall power consumption. I crossed wires in description, because I was thinking about my Logitech premium 4 USB port which I also use (the LED lights showing hub connection are useful). It does not include a power adapter, but is easily configurable with a standard, 3.5 mm recharger. Yes, I have a mass of cabling from my laptop (even with wire loom), but with this cooler system, it basically turns into a "ad hoc" docking station. Incredibly sturdy and portable for a 19" cooling system, easy to clean too!
  13. Laptop

    Recommended. NZXT ACC-NT-CRYO LX Aluminum Notebook Cooler 120MM Adjustable Fans Extremely powerful, well built cooling system with a powered 4 USB hub sized for up to 19" laptops. Portable and adaptable to meet you growing computer needs. This will keep your 800 lb gorilla happier, and healthier in the long run. Power adapter, not included however. Runs about $70, but worth the money. Solid aluminum constuction, with adjustable fan speed. It dropped the heat coming out of my 17" laptop by nearly 20+ degrees. You can search for it on Amazon, New Egg, Tiger, or direct from the manufacturer. Designed for more for high end gaming, not just general purpose like the Targus and other companies. Probably the best designed laptop cooler, other than some rediculously hi-tech fluid cooling system (for several hunderd dollars), I have seen in the last couple of years.
  14. How Do I bind a throttle conrtol?

    Here is your definative answer with the Logitech G940. I had many of the same problems, and wanted to post some of my observations with this new flight system. Because this system has so many axises and additional buttons, the default settings (or even your current settings) cause a whole new series of issues. Basically, you have to start from scratch to get this all right, because otherwise engine control is impossible with constant cut out and loss of control. FIRST, make sure you have selected the controller assignments under the G940 Throttle, not joystick or pedals in the options menu (in game). NEXT, you have to map TWO throttles to your flight controls within the sim. Use Throttle Axis 1 for the split right axis Use Throttle Axis 2 for the split left axis. DELETE throttle AXIS below Throttle Axis 4. NEXT, make sure there are no others axises mapped for the throttle. I found by default aerlion pitch was mapped to Axis X, which caused the aircraft to nose down out of control. You will have to delete this as well. It will not change joystick configuration. Also, a word on the pedals. By default, the toe breaks are also mapped to an axis in this game by default(an Axis Y of sorts). If you do not delete this as well, every time you use the pedals with both feet firmly planted, versus bass drum style "heel up" method, the plane will go into wild spins due to tail pitch. At first, I thought this was the flight model, particularly with the Sopwith Camel. However, since I have actually flown one of these birds, I knew something was not right. After these tweaks are fixed, you can then resume basic flight, or make button changes to match your preference. I know this is complicated, but I guess you should expect this based on the level of control you get with the system. Personally, I am very impressed with the force feedback and centering spring effects of the Logitech G940. During takeoff and landing your can feel the pull of the aircraft, the ground interference and bumps, and the gyroscopic effects quite well. Feels the guns fire, is a nice effect as well. Definately worth the money to replace my aging CH Products.
  15. Crash To Desktop (CTD) after changing FOV

    I did some more investigation, and have solved the problem. The OFF manager is required to rebuild the files a bit more than I suspected, than just the FOV changes, as the model textures reported by program are required to be reset as well. It is not done completely, when the FOV changes (my original thought) You are right, this does put an additional enormous strain on GPU and texture resources. In order for this to be corrected, you have to run the game first on a "free flight" mode and elminate the program from requiring to rebuild more than just one plane at a time. Once this is completed (it still takes longer than a "normal" (23/16) flight), the program for scenery, weather, clouds will load under normal time in a combat flight with enemy aeroplanes. As a heads up, if you computer specifications are just beyond the minimal requirements, would never suggest attempting to change the FOV. Under a full head of steam even my older GeForce 9800M GTS (1 GB video memory) is pushed to the limit at this resolution and FOV. Thanks for the help.

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