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  1. I went through the painful install/reinstall thing along with the plug/unplug one without any results and I was about reporting to the support stuff (my cursing capacity long ago exhausted) when my eyes fell upon my home made box of trimmers for IL2FB. Uninstalled them right away and voila! Everything goes fine again. (Oh, yes, we could talk about that little corrupted dial on the right side of the default instant action plane, but that's quite another story) Thank you all for your interest and support. Cheers! Queequeg
  2. I guess you are right. I will try support after going through the trials again (to make sure). Saitek drivers used to stink but they have been alright for a while now, but then again, it could be them back to naughtyness. I am very timid as to update Saitek drivers in case there is a new version I don't know of. They are just as dangerous as SARS. Thanks for the help, people. I'll get back to you with an explanation or solution if I find it. This thread could be still read by someone who passed through the same hell and came out!
  3. I have tried the search: nothing. Before I posted I tried all manners of searches to no avail. But English not being my native language it is quite difficult for me to do effective searches. Thanks for the tip. And I have tried unplugging the X-45 and starting the game: it keeps happening.
  4. I have installed and reinstalled the game three times now. In vain. I have not contacted support yet because it has to be related to my rig or configuration or it would happen to many. I thought that it could have happened to someone else, though, and that's why I posted here. I should have mentioned, maybe, that it is an X-45 HOTAS and a wireless Genius keyboard. I don't believe it has anything to do with that, but just in case.
  5. Yes that seems the obvious thing, that is why is the first one I have tried. What is more: IL2 works perfect. A stuck key is stuck for everything, isn't it? It is something else, and not so obvious. Queequeg
  6. As soon as I start any mission the main gun is firing. No way to stop it. It just fires till out of ammo. I have tried control settings but nothing seems to work. Anyone had this problem? Any clues? Queequeg

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