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  1. Hi Folks, Sorry, but I did not know, what I have made wrong. I have installed the content of the CarrierMod Folder to ...\Savegames\Thirdwire\Strike Fighter 2 Europe but I can not select USN or USMC with Carrier Mods in the Red Storm campaing..... Hope someone can help me Cheers Sascha
  2. Hi Folks, I have 2 questions and hope that you can he 1. No Radar in upper-right corner & small in-flight mod Yesterday, I have downloaded the complete SF2 Series from the TW homepage (i.e. SF2, SF2V, SF2E, SF2I + Exp. Packs). I have also downloaded some mods from this great website, and loved them! However, when I used to play the SF1 series, I had downloaded a small but very nice mod, which has deleted the radar in the upper-right corner and also reduces the sizes of the letters of the in-flight information in the lower-left corner. I have searched this forum and the download section for this mod, but unfortunately did not found it (my harddisc crashed so I can also not found the old file again). Hope, that someone of you can help me in this context. 2. Weapons Delivery Can you help me about a tool/manual how to delivery certain weapons in SF2V? How - for example - do I shoot the Shrike Missile or the Wallaye property? Thank you all very much for your help. Hummersepp, Germany
  3. Hi All, hope, that you can help me. I have installed the F15 Model by Mirage Factory and everything went fine. However, if I start the game and switch to the outside view, my F15 is naked!!! See the picture below. I hope that somebody can help me. Thanks in Advance Hummersepp
  4. Hi All, hope, someone can help me... I have installed SFP1 with the new SP4 and the Weapon update and the Burnings Sands Campaign 1983...Everything works fine in general but if I would like to fly for the Navy no aircraft carrier appear. The jet is on the water. I can even start the jet from the water and finish every mission.... but without the carrier this is stubit hope someone can help me, thanks in advance Hummersepp
  5. Hi xevilpetex, I just would like to know, if you play the Vietnam 1984 campaign with the new patch SP4? I love that campaign also, but after I patched WOV with SP 4 (on a clean install) and add the Vietnam 1984, the game won't start. Always when I would like to start the game, after a few seconds the screen gets black and I have a CTD with the error message, that the file missileobject.ini is bad or something. Thanks in advance for your reply. Hummersepp
  6. Hi Guy I have a very stupid question: What are the best system requirements for WoV resp. which system do you us? I ask because I have -according to my opinion- a very good system (P4 3,4 GHz, 1GB Ram, ATI 800x 256 MB). Unfortunatly, sometime I have stuttering problems esp. over city in WoV. I have turned off some graphic details (Mirror effects) and play the game with a resolution of 1024x768 but sometimes I always get this stuttering problems. Does someone of you have the same problems? If yes, how do you solved it? Bye Sascha

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