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  1. What about a formation that includes the escort aircraft, such as a single C-130 following in trail of two F-4's. (do-able?) Same thing could be done for FAC missions. Your wingmen could be the strike aircraft directed onto target by you. Not exactly accurate, but a possible work-around.

    Congrats Sid
  3. Great transport addition, thx Monty.
  4. Check here for the originals. (My TA-4J) http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autoc...p;showfile=5506 If I'd have been properly credited for the original model, that this mod is based on, then maybe you would have known where to look.
  5. Super Bowl

    Fracture: What is that strange fiery beast in the sky. Little kid: It's the sun mister. LOL
  6. Super Bowl

    Giants 41-35 see Dave, I'm still around... Just been working on black projects, though not even close to stealthy..
  7. Recruit of the Jedi

    In case you hadn't seen their follow up to troops, here is the first chapter.... http://impstherelentless.com/tek9.asp?pg=chapter1
  8. What type of mission are you trying to fly, the ini is not set-up for every mission type, it is a trainer after all.
  9. Not sure if it will help or not but here is the old tutorial I did, covers basic animation for SF gears. http://www.freewebs.com/fracture/anitut.html
  10. Lookin' good FC. Couple of options for canopy and back seat pit. For the canopy, you could leave it operated by speed and set: DeployWhenOnGears=TRUE so that you don't get canopy opening in air at low speed. as for the back seat, one option I pondered was a seperate version that uses just the back seat; such as T-38A(frnt) T-38A(bck) I don't think TK has implemented multiple cockpit positions yet, but you could ask him.
  11. How's this look MajorLee I finally got a little free time LOL.
  12. I followed the development from the first rumblings back in 2001, I think combatsim.com (left when they went pay to play) then SimHq, Skunkworks and this place when it was still Biohaz hehe got it as soon as it was available, created and uploaded one of, if not the first A-4 repaints Nov 2 2002 http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autom...amp;showfile=33 Been flying, testing and modding ever since.
  13. -----from my simhq post------ That paint job is : Fictional and far from complete. It was just a test bed for me. I guess my texturing is getting better if people want unfinished ones, or is it that you don't like them and need options. LOL Either way the templates have 80+ downloads so far, so I'm sure new options will be coming. I'll finish it at some point and probably release it, if anyone wants it. LOL
  14. Glad to hear it. I know how frustrating it can be trying to figure some of this stuff out. Cryptic bs and the "we're keeping that to ourselves" crap doesn't help. And besides, I'm sure I'm gonna have to pick one of your brains on a few things coming up. And another thing since were on the subject of sharing, You know the pre-WOE huds that everyone was raving about, they came about due to my proof of concept work that I did on huds way back. I could have kept that info to myself since I wasn't working on a plane with a hud yet, but I'm not like that. And this is the first time I've mentioned it so it's not like I'm a glory hound. It inspired others to put huds in (which was why i showed it in the first place), and through that, make the game more enjoyable.
  15. single rectangle per element, texture as you like, make sure is set for self illuminate, and make sure self illuminate is ticked on the texture rollout. adjust brightness till satisfied. If that's clear as mud I'll elaborate, just wanted to respond quick, as I didn't know what your lvl of frustration is.

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